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23 Things That Happen When You Have A Crush On Your Professor

Turn those office hours into 'office ours'.

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1. Rationalize to yourself that you may actually have a future with them.

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2. Sit really close to the front of the lecture hall.


3. Laugh a little too loudly at their jokes.

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4. Your friends start teasing you.

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5. This is your only defense against your friends.

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6. Show up to their office hours like...

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7. Raising your hand will always grab their attention.

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8. Finish your exam with a cute note on the last page.

9. Make plans to enroll in other classes they teach

10. You fight the urge to call their phone number that you nabbed from the course syllabus.

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11. You record their lectures and leave it on replay while you study.


12. You surprisingly do well on the mid-term

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13. You get excited whenever they look in your direction during lecture.


14. You start having really inappropriate, but realistic dreams about them

15. And you entertain the possibility of those dreams one day coming true

16. Obsessively stalk them on social media

17. Attend their office hours with a billion questions about the course that you really have no interest in

18. Catch yourself staring at their fingers, looking for a wedding band

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19. Counting down the days until you're no longer their student so you can make your move

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20. You think that your professor is reciprocating your love when your final grade gets bell-curved up

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21. You somehow end up with the highest grade in the class

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22. Even though you never heard the words of knowledge coming out of their beautiful mouth

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23. Then you finally research the university's rules regarding professor-student relationships

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