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    23 Pictures That Perfectly Sum Up Being An Introvert‏

    We're not anti-social — we're just misunderstood.

    1. Unsolicited advice:

    2. Leaving your comfort zone:

    3. Me time:

    4. A quiet get-together with only a few close friends:

    5. The endless night of debauchery:

    6. A state of introvert bliss:

    7. The master plan:

    8. The double betrayal:

    9. Single-player survival mode:

    10. A disruption to your friendship hierarchy:

    11. A Oscar-worthy performance:

    12. Three magic words that guarantee your silence:

    13. The only type of silence you can't endure:

    14. Getting your priorities straight:

    15. Stage fright:

    16. Being the designated drunk text recipient for the night:

    17. Stupid friend quotas:

    18. Speaking different languages:

    19. Synergy:

    20. The more the scarier:

    21. Reminding others that you still exist:

    22. Retracting into your shell:

    23. When people need to cut the chit-chat:

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