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22 Things That Happen After Getting Your Wisdom Teeth Pulled Out

The nightmare isn't over yet.

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1. You're fascinated by the numbness of your mouth.

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2. You're so hungry and thirsty that you forget that this happens.

3. Your mouth begins to thaw.

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4. Let the cursing begin!

5. The bleeding will feel like it'll never stop.

United Artists / Via

6. You can't help but feel like an important part of you has been ripped out of your mouth.

The CW / Via

7. Painkillers become your best friend.

So many best friends...

8. Comfort food is out of the question.

9. You'll have difficulty speaking to others and resort to communicating like this.

Fox / Via

10. The size of your cheeks will reach chipmunk levels.

NBC / Via

11. The laughing gas will make you say the craziest shit.


NBC / Via

13. If you're lucky, nonsensical gibberish will be the only thing coming out of your mouth.

Spyglass Entertainment / Via

14. Your family and friends will take this opportunity to mess with you while you're in this very fragile state.

15. The effects of the gas wear off and everyone tells you all of the embarrassing things you said while you were loopy.

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16. Your friends joke about how the best part about getting your wisdom teeth taken out is that you can eat Jell-O for every meal.

NBC / Via

17. The pain of brushing your teeth and keeping your teeth clean is tremendous.

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18. You're scared that any sneezing or yawning will rip your stitches.

19. You can't eat anything that has a height of any kind.

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20. By not eating solid food, you lose a ton of weight.

Warner Bros. / Via

21. Some insensitive jerk will ask you if you want some food you know you can't have.

Miramax Films / Via

22. You'll have nightmares about the operation forever.


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