20 Goofy Dads Who Have Too Much Fun Embarrassing Their Kids

If comedy is truth and pain, I’m honestly going to die of embarrassment.

1. The dad who’ll throw out his back for a dad joke.

2. The dad who chaperones your first date with a boy you’ve been crushing on for four years.

“So you asked my daughter out on a date, and for dinner, you went with Chick-Fil-A. Do you even love my daughter or did you just crave a chicken sandwich and were too ashamed to come here alone?”

3. Do I know the guy in short shorts dancing to Hey Ya!? NOPE.

4. The dad who should be expecting a call from PETA soon.

5. “Please tell me he didn’t do this when I was a baby.”

6. The dad who couldn’t resist two sports for the price of one pool table!

7. The dad who has a cruel and unusual way of punishing his daughter for missing her curfew.

8. “No, Dad, you are not a BRONY!”

9. The dad who steals his daughter’s extensions to sport an impressive flowing beard.

10. The dad who you should never take to an electronic music festival.

11. The creepy dad who makes other cosplayers feel SUPER uncomfortable.

12. The photobombing dad who will be immortalized in your prom photos.

13. “Dad! Get in here before the neighbors see you!”

“The neighbors have been asking where their bird has gone to.”

14. The dad who REALLY wants to prove that he’s got the chops to dance backup at your talent show performance.

15. The dad who loses control of his body when the bass drops.

16. The dad who is “under-aware” of why strangers walking by are laughing at him.

17. The dad who is too drunk to function when you bring your girlfriend over.

18. Son forgot to do the laundry? No biggie.

19. The dad who refused to let his son dress up as Batman for Halloween because he thought it would be too awkward if Batman was shorter than Robin.

20. The dad who treats his daughter like a Mr. Potato Head toy.

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