20 Situations That People Who Don’t Like To Be Touched Can Relate To

You can look, but you can’t touch.

1. This is NOT an okay way to make friends on the commute to work.

2. It’s one thing to be the toucher, it’s a horrible thing to be the touchee.

3. When people look up to you and find this greeting to be an appropriate one to choose from.

“That’s my hand you’re kissing, not a human popsicle.”

4. “For the last time, I do not want to pull your finger!”

CBS Television Distribution / Via gifsoup.com

5. ~Initiate hug escape~

The CW / Via reactiongifs.com

6. “Is it just me or is your hand getting warmer and warmer?”

Universal Studios / Via giphy.com

7. ~shudder~ Why are your hands so clammy?

8. A simple gesture like this usually does the trick.

9. But sometimes extreme measures need to be taken…

10. This shoulder is reserved for friends who DON’T try to touch me with every chance they get.

Disney / Via mrwgifs.com

11. When somebody who regularly eats with their hands touches your shoulder.

12. “I am NOT being TOO SENSITIVE!”

13. When someone touches you and you don’t know how to feel about it.

14. Sometimes the intimacy gets TOO real.

MLB / Via giphy.com

15. “I didn’t get a new haircut to be your personal Chia Pet.”

MLB / Via giphy.com

16. If I have food on my face, don’t invade my face with your grubby hands.

NBC / Via giphy.com

17. When your friend somehow mistakes your knee for their knee.

“When did you realize that your own knee wasn’t feeling your gentle caress?”

18. We’ve all done the “Shoulder Shake-Off”.

19. Accept no loving embrace!


20. When all else fails, you’ve got to sound the alarm and proclaim to the heavens…

FOX / Via reactiongifs.us

Just like when you were in school learning about “Stranger Danger”.

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