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19 Adorable Dogs Who Just Want A Timbit Already

Humans can't get any cruller than this.

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1. This intense pug who hasn't blinked for a while.

2. The canine whose drool levels are off the charts.

3. The dog who’s kicking himself for starting Weight Watchers last week.

@TimHortons #Loki would very much like a #TimBit

4. This fluff ball whose cheat day begins when the clock strikes midnight.

@KiSS925 @BlakesShow @AdamWylde stare down with a timbit #pugthursdays #EveryDayIsPugDay #EmmieThePug

5. This dog who’s disappointed that you didn’t leave any jelly-filled ones for him.

6. This dog who’s more than willing to trade his soul for a morsel of dough.

7. This backseat giant who really hopes that you didn't just take the last Timbit.

8. This dog who whole-heartedly believes that you have a warm and generous heart.

9. The dog who is internally screaming for his owner to stop this madness.

10. This newly gluten-free beagle who realized he's made a terrible mistake.

11. The dog who’s literally taking his begging to the next level for a tiny nibble.

12. This pup who dressed to the nines for this special occasion.

13. This hopeful dog who wishes you would share the entire 50-pack with him.

14. This impatient munchkin who isn't afraid to bite the hand that feeds it.

15. This german shepherd who's raising her adorablility game to make you hand over the goods.

16. This precious pup you cannot say no to with all of your might.

17. This dog who enlisted the help of his buddy to retrieve the delectable ball of dough.

18. This mesmerized dog who is too overcome by this chocolate Timbit's lofting aroma.

Will do A.N.Y.T.H.I.N.G. for a Timbit (donut hole for you 'Mericans) as long as it's not plain...

19. This wide-eyed dog who’s amazed by the glazed.

Pumpkin spice Timbit...yum! @TimHortons #pug #celebpug #foodie

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