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18 Things Everyone With An Intense Fear Of Heights Can Relate To

More like a fear of falling to my death.

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1. You always choose the aisle seat on an airplane.

2. Mall escalators are the most exhilarating ride you can tolerate.

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3. You search for alternative routes on Google Maps to avoid driving over bridges.

4. No ladder will ever be safe enough for you.

5. Every winter, you reject any invitations to go skiing because chair lifts haunt your dreams.

6. You lose your mind every time you watch somebody scaling a wall in a movie.

7. You feel inadequate whenever you see small children climbing into roller coasters like they're nothing.

Fox / Via

8. Even ferris wheels make your blood curdle.

Nickelodeon / Via

9. You’re always the one carrying your friends’ belongings whenever they’re on theme park rides.

10. Your friends take any chance to freak you out anytime you’re near a balcony.

Apatow Productions / Via

11. Yet you strangely feel a strong compulsion to run off the edge.

12. To calm your nerves, your friends have repeated the cliche, "Don’t look down," which reminds you how high up you really are.

13. You always graciously let your siblings take the top bunk.

14. Apartment-hunting becomes a challenge when any apartment higher than the 5th floor is out of the question.

NBC / Via

15. Being forced to climb the rope in gym class was absolute hell.

Disney Channel / Via

16. “Loved ones” suggest you go sky-diving to cure yourself of this crippling fear.

17. You can’t enjoy breathtaking views from a high elevation without having a panic attack.

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18. Nobody in your group of friends can relate to this super common fear.

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