18 Ridiculous Things Animals Would Post If They Could Use Reddit

Let’s “paws” to think about this for a second. Inspired by this Reddit thread.

1. Thread: /r/todayilearned

You can use laptop keyboards to type out your thoughts and feelings, instead of using them as heated beds.

2. Thread: /r/foodporn

3. Thread: /r/explainlikeim5

Why can’t I ever catch that crafty tail of mine?

4. Thread: /r/amisexy

Cat Selfies

5. Thread: /r/shutupandtakemymoney

6. Thread: /r/MRW

I watch my dog brother get punished by our human parents for ripping up a couch cushion, even though I was the one who did it.

7. Thread: /r/tifu

I furiously humped a stranger’s leg today, now my guardian is going to chop my balls off.

8. Thread: /r/AskReddit

Why can’t I ever capture that bright red dot?

9. Thread: /r/DoesAnybodyElse

Hear that high-pitched tone or is it just me?

11. Thread: /r/todayilearned

asiasociety / Creative Commons / Via Flickr: kevinlin1013

The humans actually do return home when they walk through that opening in the house. They do not leave me forever.

12. Thread: /r/HIFW

I always land on my feet.

13. Thread: /r/AMA

My best friend is a horse, ask me anything!

14. Thread: /r/askscience

What’s the poison found in chocolate and why do my humans eat copious amounts of it?

15. Thread: /r/showerthoughts

On my walks, I’m shitting all over people’s lawns and my human picks it all up, who’s really in charge here?

16. Thread: /r/LifeProTips If I fits, I sits

If I fits, I sits.

17. Thread: /r/aww

Scott & Elaine van der chijs / Creative Commons / Via Flickr: scottvanderchijs

Human baby.

18. Thread: /r/IWantToLearn

How to twerk

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