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18 Guys Who Are Way, Way Too Deep In The Friendzone


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1. This back-up valentine:

2. This guy who waited for the perfect conditions to charm his woman crush only to be crushed:

3. This bridesman who fell short of becoming this bride's man:


4. This guy who reached the deepest, darkest depths of the friendzone in record time:


5. This "punching bag" who never stood a fighting chance:

6. This poor guy who keeps receiving mixed signals from his prom date:

7. This sweet fella who should probably quit making girls laugh with his dad jokes:

8. This boyfriend understudy:

9. This guy who tried negotiating his way into his best friend's heart to no avail:

10. This guy who doesn't understand why he can't be her boyfriend and best frandddd:

11. This guy who now holds the record for having less than a 0% chance of romance with his beautiful friend:

12. This guy who got down on one knee to ask for her hand in marriage and then hastily improvised at the last second:

13. This gentleman who now regrets paying for two seafood linguines that night, instead of one:

14. This persistent friend who has hopelessly been waiting for years for someone to agree with him:

15. This fake boyfriend who merely wanted to give spectators what they really wanted:

16. This poor sap who was only a pawn in her devious scheme:


17. This guy who believed things would've turned out differently if he picked her up on a motorcycle instead:


18. This supportive friend who has officially surrendered:


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