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15 License Plates Every Harry Potter Fan Needs To Own

Drop a sac of Galleons on these vanity plates.

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1. Think twice before cutting this guy off

2. "Happiness can be found, even in the darkest of times, if one remembers to turn on their turn signal"

3. HOO owns this plate?

4. This van better not be leaving scars on other people's cars

5. All aboard!

6. The perfect license plate for any serious Quidditch player

7. When this Kia pulls up to the (book) club, everyone stops right in their tracks

8. California residents probably see this plate once in a blue moon (which is hopefully not a full one)

9. This can just as easily be the name of a real car

10. The godfather of all automobiles

11. An unwanted road trip with a mom in this confined space will make anybody feel like a prisoner

12. 3 demerit points to Ravenclaw for speeding in a school zone

13. The only thing that would make this plate even more awesome is if this was found on a Kia Soul

14. The amount of bumper stickers invading this Toyota is beyond painful

15. Yep, definitely a plate on a hybrid car

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