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    14 Truck Signs Guaranteed To Make Your Drive To Work More Amusing

    You've got to admit that these trucks are at least semi-funny.

    1. A blunt, but effective message.

    2. All we need now is a truck full of Ritz crackers.

    3. Times are still tough in this economy for the common truck driver.

    4. This truck really knows how to finish a long 7 hour shift.

    5. First, grab a cup. Then call 911.

    6. The Maya Angelou of trucks.

    7. Bonus points for being just as smelly as a regular school bus.

    8. "How long does it take to get it up?"

    9. This truck thinks it's funny to give Kanye a bad rap.

    10. After seeing this on the freeway, the pipes won't be the only ones calling The Scottish Plumber.

    11. With these helpful tips, the driver has dealt with fewer "el asso"s on the road.

    12. You better watch yo'self, before you car wreck yo'self.

    13. There's nothing like seeing this on the freeway and reverting back to your snickering, immature junior high self.

    14. I always wondered where those came from!