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14 Things People From Toronto Would Never Ever Say

"Drake doesn't give Toronto enough shout-outs."

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1. "Check out my collection of Rob Ford campaign buttons!"

In our defense, we were all in a "drunken stupor" when we elected him.


4. "Drake is from Toronto?! This is the first I've heard of this."

Did you know Drake is from Toronto? If not, he reminds everyone 600 times on his new album.

sometimes when im listening to @Drake all i can hear is, toronto toronto toronto toronto , like yo yeah we get it reppin #Toronto #Versace

The radio stations in Toronto need to stop playing Drake so much. We get it he's from Toronto. #donewiththecrew

LOL Drake got the CN tower and 416 tatted. Okay Drake, we get it.. you're from Toronto.



"If You're Reading This, I'm Lost, Please Return To Area Code 416."

6. "Union Station is a commuter's paradise."

Morning scrum in the subway due to a shutdown of union to bloor station #ttc #thebetterway #ridetherocket

"Well, I fulfilled my quota of human contact for the day."

7. "This lady in front of me playing Candy Crush on her phone is such a brisk walker."

10. "Driving in the city is a lot less hassle than public transit."

Driving in #Toronto these days....

12. "It looks like the Stanley Cup is staying in Toronto for another year."

Dear Toronto Maple Leaf Fans, don't be that way. There's always next year. @boomcornwall

At this point, we could fill an entire ice rink with our tears.

13. "Toron-TOE"

How do you say #Toronto when you're from Toronto ? #Turonno @buttonmachine #bestthingever

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