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13 Reasons Why Every Adult Thinks All Twentysomethings Are Actually Sloths

Wait a second... aren't we technically supposed to be "adults" too?

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1. They think we're defiant

Which generation wasn't?

2. We're impractical in our decision-making

3. We're a bunch of goof-offs

4. In desperate need of help to acquire a job

"I thought a 4-year degree would help me land this job, but now you're telling me I ALSO need 5 years of work experience?

5. All we care about is clubbing and getting hammered

We only do it to forget all about our problems. Everyone does it. We just happen to have a lot of problemsI

6. This is how they see us binge-watching an entire series on Netflix

Not ALL of us are like this. I mean, what kind of twentysomething can afford carrots these days?

7. The amount of sleep we get is not justified by the work we accomplish

8. We waste a chunk of our time taking 'selfies'

9. And 'photobombing'

10. We don't have the proper work ethic to follow through with our goals, and end up quitting on them

11. We're all a bunch of babies who have no right to complain in our '20s

12. We choose to stay in school longer because we're scared of entering the "real world"

Despite also being labelled as "slackers"

Despite also being labelled as "slackers"

13. We love sleeping around and are afraid of committing to one person

14. Forget the haters! SLOTHS ARE AWESOME!

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