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Ranking Every Leonardo DiCaprio Film Performance From Best To Worst

Let's all finally agree that The Revenant was more of a triumph in survival than acting.

HEY, LOOK! It's Leonardo DiCaprio!

And he's got a brand new movie out! It's called Don't Look Up and you can finally watch it over on Netflix.

And watching Leo in a new movie reminded me what an incredible actor, dog-saver, and French girl drawer he is.

So to honor the King of the World, I've decided to rank every single one of Mr. DiCaprio's film performances from worst to best.

So Old Sport, why don't we begin?

30. Poison Ivy (1992) - Guy

Leonardo DiCaprio walks with a binder out of a classroom

29. Total Eclipse (1995) - Arthur Rimbaud

Leonardo Di Caprio and David Thewlis sit in a carriage together

28. J. Edgar (2011) - J. Edgar Hoover

Leonardo DiCaprio wearing old age makeup sits at a desk

27. Critters 3 (1991) - Josh

Leonardo DiCapro plays a GameBoy in a car

26. Body of Lies (2008) - Roger Ferris

Leonardo DiCaprio puts his hands up in the desert

25. The Beach (2000) - Richard

Leonardo DiCaprio sits on a beach

24. Blood Diamond (2006) - Danny Archer

Leonardo DiCaprio and Djimon Hounsou stand by a helicopter

23. The Basketball Diaries (1995) - Jim Carroll

Leonardo DiCaprio plays basketball with Ernie Hudson

22. The Quick and the Dead (1995) - Fee "The Kid" Herod

Leonardo DiCaprio stands with a bunch of cowboys

21. Gangs of New York (2002) - Amsterdam Vallon

Leonardo DiCaprio wears a dirty hat and stands in a crowd

20. The Man in the Iron Mask (1998) - King Louis XIV/Philippe

Leonardo DiCaprio wears a crown and neckerchief

19. Marvin's Room (1996) - Hank

Meryl Streep stands behind Leonardo DiCaprio at a picnic table

18. This Boy's Life (1993) - Toby Wolff

Leonardo DiCaprio and Robert De Niro sit together in Boy Scout uniforms

17. Don's Plum (2001) - Derek

Leonardo DiCaprio sits in a booth

16. Celebrity (1998) - Brandon Darrow

Sam Rockwell, Leonardo DiCaprio, and Kenneth Branagh walk through a casino together

15. The Great Gatsby (2013) - Jay Gatsby

Leonardo DiCaprio stands in a pink suit in a room with beautiful wallpaper

14. Inception (2010) - Dom Cobb

Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Leonardo DiCaprio walk down a hallway with guns

13. Shutter Island (2010) - Teddy Daniels

12. Romeo + Juliet (1996) - Romeo Montague

Leonardo DiCaprio smokes a cigarette in a Hawaiian shirt

11. The Revenant (2015) - Hugh Glass

Leonardo DiCaprio wears fur in the snow

10. The Departed (2006) - Billy Costigan

Leonardo DiCaprio does pushups in a prison cell

9. Titanic (1997) - Jack Dawson

Leonardo DiCaprio and Danny Nucci scream together

8. What's Eating Gilbert Grape? (1993) - Arnie Grape

Leonardo DiCaprio screams while sitting in a tree

7. Don't Look Up (2021) - Dr. Randall Mindy

Jennifer Lawrence, Leonardo DiCaprio, and Timothee Chalamet walk together in a grocery store

6. Revolutionary Road (2008) - Frank Wheeler

Kate Winslet and Leonardo DiCaprio sit together on a couch

5. The Aviator (2004) - Howard Hughes

Leonardo DiCaprio speaks into a bunch of microphones in front of a giant airplane

4. Django Unchained (2012) - Calvin J. Candie

Leonardo DiCaprio smokes a cigarette and waves around a hammer

3. Catch Me If You Can (2002) - Frank Abagnale, Jr.

Leonardo DiCaprio dressed as a pilot surrounded by flight attendants

2. Once Upon a Time in Hollywood (2019) - Rick Dalton

Leonardo DiCaprio dances with three girls

1. The Wolf of Wall Street (2013) - Jordan Belfort

Leonardo DiCaprio shouts into a microphone above a pool party