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    17 Things Everyone Must Eat In Brighton

    It's much more than just fish 'n chips.

    1. A burrito at La Choza

    La Choza / Via Facebook: lachozamexicanstreetfood

    Burrito places may be springing up all over Brighton, but the best is still found at this vividly-decorated street-food nirvana. Choose fish, pork or shredded beef lovingly spiked with just the right level of spice.

    2. Dinner at The Ginger Pig

    The Ginger Pig

    OK it’s in Hove (actually) but this home-grown gastro pub is still well worth a visit. Go for one of the menu’s British classics with a twist and wash down with the best Martini in town. Cheers!

    3. Lunch at Iydea

    4. A Railway Tray from The Chilli Pickle Canteen

    Chilli Pickle / Via Facebook: thechillipickle

    Chilli Pickle is an outstanding eat-in experience: but their takeaways take things to another level entirely. Basically restaurant-quality spice served up at your home, their Railway Trays burst with fragrant salads, delectable pickles and world-class curry.

    5. Absolutely anything at 64 Degrees

    64 Degrees

    Any combination of the lively kitchen staff’s forward-thinking small plates are going to be a big win here. Grab a cheeky glass of the local Ridgeview Rosé too if you’re feeling flush.

    6. The Post Industrial Breakfast at Silo

    Silo Brighton

    With mushrooms grown from coffee waste and house churned smoked butter this fried brekkie is anything but everyday. And like everything at Silo, it’s made with a zero waste approach that’s green as well as bloomin’ gorgeous.

    7. Better Batter at Terre a Terre

    Terre a Terre

    Anyone for soft buttermilk-soaked halloumi dipped in real chip shop batter with vodka-spiked plum tomatoes? So damn good you don’t even need fish...

    8. The Dead Hippie Burger at Meat Liquor

    Meat Liquor Brighton / Via Facebook: Meatliquor-BTN

    The spirit of Hunter S Thompson lives on at this loud, neon-drenched sister venue to the original London beef ’n booze success story. Each burger is made with real local hippies, for extra bite.

    9. Ice cream at Boho Gelato

    Ditch the seafront’s sad-looking 99s and instead head for Brighton’s Don of handmade Italian ice-cream. Stuck for a flavour? The Strawberry, Basil & Black Pepper Sorbet is a summer stand-out.

    10. Fish and chips at The Regency

    11. Bagels at The Bagel Man

    Bagel Man / Via

    This authentic Brighton indie bakes locally and makes a tasty selection of deli-style sarnies by the sea. The Jalapeno bagel is definitely worth a whirl.

    12. The Tofu Unagi Don at Pompoko

    Flickr: adactio / Via Creative Commons

    Cheap, fast and filling, Pompoko is the place to get fuelled up on Westernised Japanese grub before heading off to a gig or show.

    13. Pizza from PizzaFace

    Pizza Face

    Proper moreish artisan pizza just like your East London-based hipster brother reckons you can’t get outside Dalston. Features plenty of great vegan options because, y’know, this is Brighton, people.

    14. A burger at Burger Brothers

    15. The Gut Buster at Market Diner

    16. Veggie Sunday Roast at The Prince George

    17. Meaty Sunday Roast at The Sussex Yeoman

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