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The 44 Man-Candiest Moments Of 2013

Really the only year-end list you need.

1. When Nick Jonas took this shirtless selfie and officially became a full-grown babe.

2. And then when he showed us his ripply muscles in motion.

3. When Zac Efron flipped these burgers in frat hunk mode.

4. And when he showed off his beautifully hairy chest.

5. And his beautifully shiny bottom while mounting a toilet.

6. Literally any moment that Tom Daley was in a speedo or underwear.

(Which is basically every moment.)

7. Every single selfie taken by Usher, the hottest 35-year-old of all time.

8. But especially every image that involves his flexing abs.

9. This Colton Haynes nip slip.

10. And pretty much anytime Colton Haynes did anything at all.

11. When Cristiano Ronaldo erected a 52-foot photo of himself in his underwear for some reason.

12. When the Warwick Rowers got naked once again and held up this bucket with the sheer power of hotness.

13. But especially when they squirted one another in the face.

14. Anytime Tinie Tempah brought out this gorgeous smile.

15. When this hot guy was UNJUSTLY removed from a Florida stadium for being a certified hunk.

16. When Australia officially gave us the hottest Bachelor contestant of all time.

17. When Robbie Rogers and his beautiful face and arms and entire existence where on the cover of OUT Magazine.

18. And pretty much anytime Robbie uploaded an adorable and also sexy Instagram picture.

19. When Henry Cavill became an actual man of steel in the workout video to end all workout videos.

20. When singer Steve Grand blessed the world with his voice and also abs.

21. When Matthew Terry officially became the hottest Superbowl ad underwear model ever.

22. When Jamie Dornan and his abs were cast in 50 Shades Of Grey.

23. When Charlie Hunnam brought all this to Pacific Rim.

24. Literally any time David Beckham was in his underwear.

25. But especially when he's getting out of a pool and pulling it out of his buttcrack.

26. Whenever Kellan Lutz got out of bed looking like this.

27. When Josh Hutcherson and his arms and jawline were on the cover of OUT Magazine.

28. Idris Elba's entire existence.

29. When the world officially met Zesty Man in all of his gorgeous glory.

30. And when the world discovered he was so much more than salad dressing.

31. Pretty much every moment on True Blood but especially Joe Manganiello's butt.

32. And that time Alexander Skarsgård got completely naked.

33. When the Old Spice guy went to Australia and picked up this snake in nothing but his Old Spice towel for some reason.

34. Basically any moment Matt Bomer was nearly naked.

35. When Tom Welling graced the world with his certified silver foxiness.

36. When Chris Pratt turned into a muscle hunk.

37. When hairless Darren Criss Tarzan'd on Glee.

38. And then when slightly less hairless Darren Criss and his beautiful eyebrows woke up in bed.

39. Basically anytime Michael B. Jordan and his arms did anything.

40. But especially anytime he licked his gorgeous lips.

41. When Harry Styles graced us with this sweaty, tattooed workout video.

42. When Kit Harrington and his one billion abs graced this poster for Pompeii.

43. Literally anything that Chris Hemsworth did.

44. And when the world discovered the glorious beauty that is Clint Eastwood's son, Scott.

God Bless 2013.