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22 People Who Will Make You Want To Dance Like No One Is Watching

Turn up your favorite jam and DANCE.

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1. This beautiful man whose dance moves could bring an entire dance establishment to its knees.

2. This baby who could pull off these moves in a onesie and crocs.

3. This dog who doesn't care what these others dogs think, SHE WILL DANCE.

4. This girl who couldn't resist dancing to her song.

5. This jorts-wearing, boot-stomping diva.

6. Ariana Grande and Kristen Wiig.

7. This voguing ambulance driver.

8. Rihanna.

9. These grandmas.

10. These kids on the sidewalk.

11. George W. Bush.

12. This woman whose butt could dance even when the rest of her could not.

13. Taylor Swift.

14. These three dancing gangsters.

15. This wild and crazy baseball fan.

16. All of these white people.

17. Aretha snatching-her-own-wig Franklin.

18. This little cheerleader who stop dancing for NOBODY.

19. This guy who doesn't care that he's at work, he is WORKING IT.

20. This dance cam kid.

21. This kid whose dancing is rivaled only by his ability to smother ice cream on his face.

22. And Beyoncé.

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