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46 Life-Changing Things That Happen At A One Direction Concert

There is no life before One Direction. There is only darkness. Then light.

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1. There is the beautiful moment when it all begins, when they emerge on stage together for the first time and you see their shining faces, actually there before you, as perfect as you've always imagined they would be.

2. There's the moment when Harry Himself emerges from a burst of fireworks and emotions, his face already glistening with sweat, his curly mane wrapped in a scarf made of Jesus' robes, his lips ajar, his jaw tight, his cheeks glowing.

3. There's the moment Louis emerges wearing pants tighter than a black balloon wrapped around two tree trunks, clutching his chest with a gentle firmness, his sweet voice lifting you into a world where every thigh has a home in a skinny jean.

4. There's the Blesséd Moment when Zayn closes his eyes, his lashes gently tickling the air around his angelic face, grasping the microphone with his slender hands, and letting out a voice so pure, a thousand grown men collectively shed a single tear.

7. And then they start to sing, all together for the first time, and you hear them, not through headphones, but directly from their mouths to your ears, their beautiful voices filling your body with Hope and Light and Goodness.

24. There's the moment when Zayn's high note literally stops time, when Earth stops spinning, trees stop growing, rain stops falling, and in that moment, all is pure and good and simple in the world.

42. There is the earthquake-inducing, tectonic plate-shifting, glass-shattering, life-destroying moment in which Harry grabs himself and the world trembles, physically quivers beneath your feet.

46. And every moment when any one of them looks into your eyes, or out into the crowd, and lets out his beautiful voice, lifting you up, changing your very existence in that one beautiful moment, reassuring you that life after this day will never be the same.

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