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Best Christmas Gifts For Skiers

The ultimate list of Christmas presents that your loved one or friend will be delighted with. Ski gear is a massive market so it can be hard to choose the best. I have collected the top gear which is suitable as gifts. In order of cost, most expensive first. Many of these gifts will also make excellent Christmas snowboarding presents too.

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Best Ski Boots to give as a Christmas Gift / Via

The Salomon X Max 100 is the best all around ski boot. It certainly isn't cheap at £330 (around $500) but you get what you pay for. I bought a pair of Salomon hiking boots 15 years ago, they are still useable today.

This is a brand you can rely on for quality ski boots. If you can afford the price, this is the greatest Christmas gift for a skier that I can find.

Best Skiing Goggles for a Christmas Gift

Outdoor Gear Lab / Via

The Oakley Airbrake ski goggles are from the number one brand in ski goggles. Oakley is a name you can always rely on to provide googles that don't steam up and protect your eyes from the bright snow.

The Airbrake goggle are fairly priced at around $140. It is certainly worth investing this much to ensure a pair which is long lasting, comfortable and won't steam up on you. It helps that these look pretty cool too.

Best Ski Gloves for a Christmas Gift

Hestra Gloves / Via

These 3 fingered gloves can be purchased for under £100. That may sound astronomical for gloves but believe me, if one thing is worth splashing out on when skiing it is good gloves. There is nothing worse than cold hands ruining your day at the slope.

The Hestra Army Leather 3 Finger skiing gloves are about as good as it gets when it comes to comfort and insulation. The 3 finger "mitten" effect works brilliantly, allowing for full control of your poles. These will certainly last a lifetime.

Best Ski Training Gadget for a Christmas Gift

SkiA / Via

The SkiA Sweetspot allows skiers to train from the comfort of their own home. You strap the training blocks to the base of your ski boots, then simulate skiing. They are good for beginners and also for intermediate skiers as a refresher course when it comes to balance.

The Sweetspot blocks are the only item in this collection which you don't need snow for. At $70 they represent good value and can be used every year up until you are an expert. There are 3 difficulty levels so even experts may find use in this invention, check out this page for a video showing how to use them.

Best Ski Socks for a Christmas Gift / Via

Last but not least is a pair of ski socks. I know it sounds like a boring present but choosing the right socks will have you in your loved one's good books for a very long time. Skiing makes your feet tired so a pair of socks designed to avoid aches and over heating is a real luxury.

The Eurosocks Micro-Supreme Ski Zone socks go above your calf (essential) and provide good oxygen flow and blood stimulating elastic strips. This may help avoid cramps in your legs. At around $20 these are a great budget ski gift for a friend this Christmas.

Pro Tip: Make sure you are wearing ski socks when buying boots to ensure a snug fit.

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