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2 Great Christmas Gift Ideas For My Wife 2017

I decided to make an effort this year, so here are my tips on the best Christmas gift ideas for your wife, girlfriend or other significant half.

Matt Mayer One year ago

Best Fireplace Videos

These are the best fireplace videos available on Youtube or for download on other websites. Using one as a virtual fireplace is a great way to make use of your TV or computer screens. Especially on big screen UHD TVs.

Matt Mayer 3 years ago

Best 3 Places In The World To Get Married

The perfect wedding deserves the perfect destination. Sure you could use your local church. Alternatively you could choose one of these amazing wedding locations for the ideal wedding ceremony, reception and disco. Lets get started with the top 3 best places in the world to get married.

Matt Mayer 3 years ago

Why Manchester Is The Best Place In The UK To Be A Student

Manchester is a more manageable size than London. It is also full of culture and activities not found in smaller cities in the UK.

Matt Mayer 4 years ago

Virtual Christmas Gifts

A selection of virtual Christmas gifts which can be downloaded rather than posted. Downloadable products are very popular now; there is no reason not to give one as a gift at Christmas or any other occasion.

Matt Mayer 4 years ago

Great Comedy Shows Not From The USA Or The UK

The kings of comedy are the UK who seem to of kicked things of with Monty Python all those years ago. Now they churn out two season mini series. The USA knows that there is money to be made and generally make much longer running shows. But what of the rest of the English speaking world? There are some gems you may of missed so lets find out.

Matt Mayer 4 years ago

3 Must Do Activities On Boracay Island

Boracay is the number one tourist destination in the Philippines. It is also regularly ranked in the top 5 beaches in the world lists by top travel magazines, websites and blogs. Boracay is famous for its beautiful White Beach, with lovely aquamarine water and white, powdery sand. Lets take a look at the top 3 activities to do on the island, written by an ex-resident.

Matt Mayer 4 years ago

Best Christmas Gifts For Skiers

The ultimate list of Christmas presents that your loved one or friend will be delighted with. Ski gear is a massive market so it can be hard to choose the best. I have collected the top gear which is suitable as gifts. In order of cost, most expensive first. Many of these gifts will also make excellent Christmas snowboarding presents too.

Matt Mayer 4 years ago

6 Reasons Why Manchester Is A Great Place To Study

As a born and bred Mancurian. I feel that I have the expertise to explain just why you should choose our great city to study in. Despite the all too often grey skies there lies educational excellence, fun nightlife and culture within.

Matt Mayer 4 years ago

6 Amazingly Unique Places For A Holiday

I have scoured the world and the world wide web for the most unique holiday spots. From the weird to the wonderful, the crazy to the sublime. These amazing places would all make for a very unique experience.

Matt Mayer 4 years ago