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    Justin Bieber Instagrammed Another Shot Of His Bare Behind

    "Dat ass doe."

    Hi there! We all know why you clicked on this article (thirsty much?) so I'm just gonna get right to the point....

    Justin Bieber flashed some ass on Instagram last night.

    Instagram: @justinbieber

    Note the caption: "Dat ass doe".

    Here's a close-up.

    Instagram: @justinbieber

    I downloaded the high-res photo to my phone, emailed it to myself, cropped out the nature, and zoomed you don't have to.

    It's been a tough week for The Biebs, who upset fans by canceling all meet-and-greets for the rest of his tour.

    So why not share a little bit of skin to keep the fans interested?

    Here's an even closer shot:

    Instagram: @justinbieber

    In case you don't remember, this isn't the first time JB flashed some ass to his followers, and it (hopefully) won't be the last!

    Mmmkay that's all.

    BBC / Via

    Enjoy the rest of your day, post-Bieber butt viewing!