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14 Absolutely Perfect Valentine's Day Cards For Britney Spears Fans

To use when emailing someone's heart this year.

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1. For the boyfriend who’s always got the munchies:

David Pimborough / Via Getty Images

2. For whoever it is you like to make out with:

MTV / Via

3. For your gorgeous wife:

4. For the friend who loves living like they’re rich and famous:

RCA / Via

5. For your Starbucks loving girlfriend:

6. For the person who’s often late:

MTV / Via

7. For the significant other with commitment issues:

8. For your athletic partner:


9. For the person you can't live without:

RCA / Via

10. For your sexy husband:

RCA / Via

11. For your fashion forward lover:

Alexlukin / Via Getty Images

12. For the exhibitionist in your life:


13. For that person who broke your heart but you're still friends with:

RCA / Via

14. For your loyal lover:

Check out the forums for even more Britney themed Valentine's Day cards!