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    22 Selina Meyer Quotes That Will Make You Laugh Every Time

    She's more than just the Veep!

    1. Selina's stance on winter holidays.

    2. Selina's self awareness.

    3. Selina's support for recreational marijuana.

    4. Selina's religious wit.

    5. Selina's dating record.

    6. Selina's dedication to her strong appearance.

    7. Selina's eye for interior design.

    8. Selina's frank feminism.

    9. Selina's honesty.

    10. More of Selina's honesty.

    11. Selina's confidence.

    12. Selina's position on beating around the bush.

    13. Selina's multilingual skills.

    14. Selina's worldwide appeal.

    15. Selina's good use of punctuation.

    16. Selina's constant struggles.

    17. Selina's confidence.

    18. Selina's real experiences.

    19. Selina's animal analogies.

    20. Selina's leadership.

    21. Selina's great memory.

    22. Selina's desire to own more luxury items.