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19 Reasons Every Wino Should Visit Portugal Before They Die

Its undiscovered wineries and abundance of high-quality, low-priced wine make Portugal a mecca for wine lovers.

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1. The wine is cheap, abundant, and incredibly delicious.

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Portugal is one of the top wine-producing countries in the world. Recently, the country has also begun to get attention from traveling wine enthusiasts because of the delicious local wines that are sold throughout, as well as the wine-related tourist activities.

2. You can get wine in stores for under three euros a bottle.

And we're not talking about two-buck Chuck, or Carlo Rossi. You can get used to cheap wine when you're in Portugal, because it's EVERYWHERE! Even with more expensive, aged bottles, you'll rarely see any wine priced higher than 10 or 15 euros a bottle at liquor stores.


9. Two words: green wine.

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Vinho Verde (known as "green wine" to us English-speaking visitors) is another wine produced only in Portugal. Like many white wines, it's meant to be consumed within a year of bottling and has a light, fruity flavor.

10. Wine o'clock happens multiple times per day in Portugal.

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Winos love wine o'clock, and with wine so cheap, and for sale literally everywhere, it's impossible not to enjoy a bit with lunch, then again with dinner.


12. Cat wine is totally a thing in Portugal.

Cat lovers rejoice!

13. Train stations have easily recognizable signs directing you to where you can get a glass of wine quite literally the second you arrive at your destination.

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Just make sure you have a few euros in your pocket, as some of the mini wine bars at smaller train stations only take cash.


16. There are wine events, wine museums, and even wine hotels in Portugal!

Yeah, wine hotels are totally a thing. An expensive thing, but perfect for winos with cash to burn. They're usually located on or near wineries, have wine-inspired designs and decor, and offer packages that include tastings, meals with pairings, and other activities to keep guests busy.

18. You can show your wino pride by getting a hat or bag made from locally grown cork.

Cork shops are everywhere in Portugal, as cork trees (also known as Quercus suber) are indigenous to the area. Just watch out for the shops in popular tourist areas with inflated prices. You should definitely be able to find a small cork bag for under 20 euros.

19. It doesn't get much better than an afternoon of wine tasting on a Portuguese beach.

It really doesn't.