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    17 Absolutely False Things Everyone Assumes About Marijuana Smokers

    Just because we're stoners doesn't mean we're lazy.

    1. That we’re lazy.

    2. That we’re not very intelligent.

    3. That we eat insane food combinations.

    4. That we don’t have career ambitions.

    5. That we’re always paranoid.

    6. That we're couch potatoes.

    7. That we all love Bob Marley.

    8. That we’re criminals.

    9. That we're easily amused.

    Don't act like watching someone blow perfect smoke rings isn't awe inspiring!

    10. That we want to smoke you out.

    11. That we’re all artistic.

    12. That we’re all physically out of shape.

    13. That we’re always late.

    14. That we’re all liberal hippies.

    15. That we don’t like leaving home.

    16. That we’ve been to Amsterdam.

    17. That we spend all our money on weed.