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17 Absolutely False Things Everyone Assumes About Marijuana Smokers

Just because we're stoners doesn't mean we're lazy.

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2. That we’re not very intelligent.

Figuring out how to smoke a blunt in public using a McDonalds cup is straight-up genius IMO!

3. That we eat insane food combinations.

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Smoking a bowl before a good meal is amazing, obvi.

But not everyone who smokes marijuana does the whole gummy bears on pizza thing. A lot of us enjoy weed with a fine meal, and there are even restaurants in Colorado that offer weed pairings! 🍴


5. That we’re always paranoid.

Only newbies let the paranoia get to them. That is unless you happen to be home alone on a Friday night smoking while you watch Paranormal Activity. Cuz that shit's scary no matter how blazed you are.

7. That we all love Bob Marley.

OK, this one may be borderline true. Who doesn't love Bob Marley?


8. That we’re criminals.

It's 2015. Medical and recreational marijuana is legal in many places in the U.S. If you still think that everyone who smokes weed is a criminal, then you have some catching up to do!

10. That we want to smoke you out.

Caring is sharing, so most stoners will happily share. However, just because someone has weed doesn't necessarily mean they want to share it. Most of us don't grow our own weed and hey, stoners have to budget too!

11. That we’re all artistic.

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Lana definitely makes the artistic stoner chick thing work, but most of us don't look this glamorous smoking a bowl in our pajamas after a long day at the office.


12. That we’re all physically out of shape.

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Um, hello Michael Phelps!

There are plenty of high profile athletes who smoke weeds, but a lot of us non-celebrity potheads make an effort to stay in shape too. There's even a growing community of ultra marathon running stoners.

15. That we don’t like leaving home.

A lot of us love a good high-as-fuck adventure.

17. That we spend all our money on weed.

Sure, marijuana isn't cheap, but the assumption that we spend all of our money on weed goes hand in hand with the stereotype of the lazy, unambitious stoner.

There are plenty of hard-working, driven people in this world, who make good money and just so happen to smoke a lot of marijuana.