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15 National Monuments Lit Up In Rainbow Colors For Pride

Niagara Falls, Cinderella’s Castle at Disney World, and numerous landmarks across the country were lit up in celebration of marriage equality and Pride weekend!

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Afp / Getty Images

2. The Civil Courts Building in St. Louis.

3. Cinderella Castle in Disney World.

4. Terminal Tower in Cleveland.

5. The Empire State Building in New York City.

6. Penn Station (also in New York City).

7. The Seattle Great Wheel.

8. The U.S. Grant Hotel in San Diego.

9. The Alamo in San Antonio.

10. San Francisco City Hall.

11. San Francisco International Airport.

12. Grace Cathedral (last San Francisco monument, I swear!)

13. Playhouse Square in Cleveland.

14. The Davis Building in Dallas.

15. And the White House!

Andrew Caballero-reynolds / Getty Images

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