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33 Men Rocking Skirts

Yes, man skirts are a thing. And they're here to stay!

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6. But you don't have to be a celebrity or model to wear a man skirt.

8. Because skirts are awesome.

11. And you don't have to be young to wear a skirt.

13. Skirts and Birkenstocks are an incredible combination.

15. All black is a classic look that benefits from a skirt.

16. But man skirts aren't always boring... They come in fun patterns too!

17. I mean, look at this gorgeous tribal print...

19. Or these denim pockets.

21. Plaid skirts have a total kilt vibe.

23. Biking in a long skirt is difficult, but clearly not impossible.

25. If it's got a drawstring then you know it's gonna be comfy.

27. If you're cold, then throw some leggings on underneath your skirt.

28. Man skirts can even be sporty!

33. Aren't man skirts wonderful?