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33 Men Rocking Skirts

Yes, man skirts are a thing. And they're here to stay!

1. Kanye West made headlines when he rocked a leather skirt a few years ago.

2. But Kanye isn't the only one, Jared Leto wore a skirt down the red carpet last May.

3. And Marc Jacobs is definitely no stranger to skirts!

4. Man skirts were pretty much everywhere during 2015 NYFW.

5. Literally EVERYWHERE...

6. But you don't have to be a celebrity or model to wear a man skirt.

7. It's 2015, and regular dudes everywhere are getting into the man skirt trend.

8. Because skirts are awesome.

9. They can be formal.

10. Or casual.

11. And you don't have to be young to wear a skirt.

12. Hell, you don't even need a shirt!

13. Skirts and Birkenstocks are an incredible combination.

14. Dr. Martens also pair well with skirts.

15. All black is a classic look that benefits from a skirt.

16. But man skirts aren't always boring... They come in fun patterns too!

17. I mean, look at this gorgeous tribal print...

18. Some skirts feature fabulous details, like these leather straps.

19. Or these denim pockets.

20. Best friends in skirts!

21. Plaid skirts have a total kilt vibe.

22. Fierce!

23. Biking in a long skirt is difficult, but clearly not impossible.

24. Wouldn't this skirt be perfect for a holiday party?

25. If it's got a drawstring then you know it's gonna be comfy.

26. The cobblestone is his catwalk.

27. If you're cold, then throw some leggings on underneath your skirt.

28. Man skirts can even be sporty!

29. Smile dude, your look is amaze!

30. Talk about punk.

31. Work that pose, honey!

32. Man skirt selfie.

33. Aren't man skirts wonderful?