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    18 Reasons Beyoncé Is An Astonishingly Good Role Model

    Mike Huckabee can throw shade all he wants, but the Beyhive knows Beyoncé is a good role model for our daughters.

    So former FOX pundit Mike Huckabee recently appeared on The Daily Show and slammed Beyoncé for being a bad role model.

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    The conversation goes to Beyoncé at the 2:20 mark.

    Comedy Central / Via Hulu
    Comedy Central / Via Hulu

    Worst of all, was this statement:

    Comedy Central

    Thankfully, Jon called Mike out, and gave him a good read about the writing quality of Huckabee's own book.

    Comedy Central

    God bless you Jon Stewart!

    Listen Mike, clearly Beyoncé isn't flawless. But you don't need to be a hardcore fan to recognize that she is indeed a role model for young girls.

    1. Although there is absolutely nothing wrong with having sex with whoever you please, Beyoncé doesn’t have a reputation of being promiscuous.

    Columbia Records / Via

    Her entire last album was about the joy of intimacy with her HUSBAND!

    2. She is an artist, and though she wears what some would consider revealing clothing on stage, she doesn’t dress in an excessively sexual way in her day-to-day life.

    3. She promotes good values and healthy relationships.

    Whether you’re a believer or not, it’s commendable that Beyoncé and Jay Z speak openly about their relationship and Christian values.

    4. She’s a mother who seems genuinely passionate about caring for her daughter.

    5. She’s loyal to her family.

    6. But she tries to keep family drama out of the media.

    Getty Images / Via

    The world will never know the details about Mathew and Tina’s divorce. However, it has been alleged that Mathew fathered multiple children outside of wedlock, and Beyoncé has never publicly discussed his behavior.

    7. Her immense talent is undeniable.

    Columbia Records / Via

    She sings, acts, dances, and has been honored with dozens of awards.

    8. She’s performed for the fucking president!

    No matter if you voted for Obama or not, it’s pretty impressive.

    9. She clearly loves wigs but isn’t afraid to promote a more natural look.

    Though her daughter Blue received hate for her hair, Beyoncé has never publicly responded to the inappropriate comments.

    I Am Beyonce Tumblr / Via

    10. She’s a vocal feminist.

    11. And promotes strength and independence in her lyrics.

    Columbia Records

    “I bought my own diamonds and I bought my own rings!”

    12. As well as a healthy body image.

    Columbia Records / Via

    13. She uses her social media to celebrate other cultures.

    14. She supports the LGBT community.

    In addition to her open letter to Frank Ocean, Beyoncé has also frequently spoken about her gay fans.

    "To be brave and be different and to be yourself — is just so beautiful!"

    15. She’ll take a fall, then get right back up and keep going.

    16. She’s charitable.

    How about the time she donated $7 million to a Houston charity providing "shelter, counseling, food, and health care for the homeless."

    17. She deals with problems, and moves on.

    Columbia Records / Via

    Though she may have been criticized by ex-members of Destiny’s Child, it’s a sign of good character that she was able to embrace new members and continue kicking ass.

    18. And finally, she doesn’t take herself too seriously.


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