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    23 Reasons Scarlet Overkill From "Minions" Is The Most Badass Villain Ever

    Respect. Power. Bananas!

    1. She’s the first female super villain in her world.

    2. Fans travel far and wide to see her.

    3. She knows how to make a killer entrance.

    4. She's good at retelling classic fairytales.

    5. She's a master of Tae Bo.

    6. She has a killer air ship.

    7. Complete with what seems to be a fully functioning bar cart.

    I bet she makes a deadly martini!

    8. She wears these classic sunglasses while flying.

    9. Not only is she a villain, but she's a total celebrity in her world.

    10. She's loved by the tabloids.

    11. Seriously, magazines were made for this woman.

    12. She wears clothing that’s both fashionable and functional.

    13. So it's no wonder she's a total trendsetter.

    14. She isn't afraid to try risky new hair styles.

    15. She’s got a loyal husband who supports her career.

    16. She's the owner of a gigantic castle.

    17. Which includes a bathroom that has a fierce pink toilet seat!

    18. She gives good side-eye.

    19. She's a fan of the Clapper.

    20. Dogs love her.

    21. She kicks MAJOR ass.

    22. She keeps stacks of gold bars lying around her house.

    23. She knows that being bad is good.