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When Biscuits Met Gravy, A Perfect Dish Was Born

Recipes and tips to help you master this savory breakfast classic.

Looking for the perfect thing to make for brunch this weekend? Three words: biscuits and gravy. It's a surprisingly easy, savory breakfast dish that will definitely impress your friends.

But before we get to the recipes, let's start with the basics of biscuits and gravy.

First, you should always make your own biscuits.

It's dead easy, cheap, and you won't spend hours waiting for yeast to rise. Here are a few secrets to ensure your biscuits turn out flaky and delicious every time.

1. Use cold ingredients. Unlike yeast breads that need to be warm, with biscuits the colder the better.

2. Cut your fat into the dry ingredients with two knives, a pastry blender, or the edge of a fork. These little bits will melt and create steam, giving you flaky biscuits.

3. Handle the dough as little as possible, and place your biscuits in the freezer for a few minutes before baking in a very hot oven.

4. Bake the biscuits on the top rack of your oven.

5. Let them cool on a wire rack. If you let them cool on the pan the bottoms will go soggy, and no one likes soggy biscuits.

Check out this basic biscuit recipe or find one from your favorite food blog. Just make sure the recipe has the basics: flour, baking powder, shortening or another fat, and milk.

And you should also make your own gravy.

Again, super easy.

It's a basic béchamel gravy, so start by heating oil or butter. Add an equal amount of flour, cook for a minute, then slowly add milk. Season with salt, pepper, and here's the secret ingredient...


Yes, add a few pinches of freshly grated nutmeg to your sauce. Don't ask me why, it just takes the flavor to a whole different level.

Obviously you want to add some type of sausage, but it doesn't have to be traditional pork sausage.

Sausage is good, but I don't eat meat so when I'm in a hurry I go with Tofurkey Italian Sausage.

If you have a little more time, try making your own ground seitan.

I love making my own seitan. It does take a bit of time, but it's cheap and you can flavor it pretty much any way you'd like. This ground poultry seasoned seitan recipe works great in biscuits and gravy!

Now, without further adieu, I present 15 orgasm-inducing biscuit and gravy recipes.

Ya. They're that good.

1. Square Biscuits with Onion and Tofurkey Gravy

Sautee onions in canola oil, then add butter and flour to make your roux. Slowly add milk, then cooked sausage. Serve with homemade biscuits. Recipe here.

2. Classic Gluten-Free Biscuits and Gravy

Use an all purpose flour blend made from rice flours, tapioca starch, and corn starch in both your biscuits and gravy. Recipe here.

3. Cornmeal-Sage Biscuits and Sausage Gravy

4. Biscuits with Fried Chicken and Sausage Gravy

Amp up the protein in your breakfast by adding a piece of fried chicken. Recipe here.

5. Black Pepper Biscuits with Mushroom Gravy

Made with crimini mushrooms, shallots, and onions. Recipe here.

6. Green Chile-Smoked Cheddar Biscuits and Chorizo Gravy

Topped with a fresh pico de gallo. Recipe here.

7. Buttermilk Herb Biscuits and Sausage Gravy

Use scallions and parsley to flavor your biscuits with this recipe.

8. Vegan Biscuits and Seitan Gravy

This recipe calls for Upton’s Naturals ground seitan, but you could definitely use homemade ground seitan instead.

9. Gluten-Free Sweet Potato Biscuits with Mushroom Gravy

Biscuits made from almond meal, flax seeds, and mashed sweet potato. Recipe here.

10. Paleo Approved Biscuits with a Sausage and Sage Gravy

Gluten-free, paleo approved biscuits made from almond and coconut flour. Recipe here.

11. Oat and Almond Drop Biscuits with Herbed Olive Oil Gravy

Gluten-free and vegan. Recipe here.

12. Sausage and Bacon Biscuits and Gravy

Basic biscuits with a high protein gravy. Recipe here.

And if you wanna get really crazy, try one of these...

13. Biscuits and Gravy Burgers

14. Biscuits with Chocolate Gravy

15. Biscuits and Sausage Gravy Pot Pie

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