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    "Riverdale" Is The Wildest Show On TV Right Now, And These 15 Moments Prove It

    If you've ever wondered what maple syrup and decay smells like, just ask Jughead Jones.

    We asked the BuzzFeed Community to share the most bizarre moments from Riverdale's five seasons, and they did not disappoint!

    Note: Submissions have been edited for length and clarity.

    1. When Veronica decided Kevin would be her new gay best friend before they'd even formally met.

    Veronica cuts off Betty's introduction to objectify Kevin for being gay
    The CW / Via

    "I stopped watching after that because it just seemed so strange."


    2. When a barrel containing an alien preserved in maple syrup was delivered to Jughead at work.

    Jughead and a coworker inspect the maple preserved corpse of an alien
    The CW / Via

    "They’ve chickened out when dangling supernatural elements before with the Gargoyle King (Scooby Doo’d it as Chic in a costume) and the Farm, and trying to rationalize the alien stuff with mundane explanations would be too much of a stretch even for this show."


    3. When Kevin — a high school student — started making tickle fetish videos for cash.

    Kevin prepares to film a tickle fetish video for the first time
    The CW / Via

    "I can see the writers in the room discussing it being like, 'What should we make Kevin do this year? He doesn't have any storylines.'

    'Maybe he gets into porn?'

    'Remember this is a show about teenagers, we can't have him just do porn!'

    'What if he was filmed being tickled instead?'"


    4. When Alice Cooper told her daughter that when she was a child, doctors discovered that she had the "serial killer genes."

    Betty learns she has the "serial killer" genes.
    The CW / Via

    5. When this group of 16-year-olds went on a sex-fueled weekend getaway.

    The core four of Riverdale go on a sex-fueled cabin vacation
    The CW / Via

    "Season 2, Episode 14. Betty, Jughead, Archie, and Veronica go on a couples' trip to an upscale cabin, and they’re all supposed to be like 16. They’re all having sex the whole time with their respective partners. This show just writes these characters as if they were all in their thirties, even though it’s a show about a bunch of high schoolers!"


    6. When Veronica opened a speakeasy — La Bonne Nuit — in the basement of town diner Pop's Chock'lit Shoppe.

    The Riverdale cast hangs out in Veronica's speakeasy on opening night
    The CW / Via

    7. And when she delayed a college interview in order to perform for the crowd.

    Veronica delays a college interview to perform for the crowd at her speakeasy
    The CW / Via

    "When Veronica was supposed to take an interview for college and told the admissions counselor to basically wait for a minute while she performed a song in her speakeasy...."


    8. When the high school's cheerleaders performed "Jailhouse Rock" for the inmates at the juvenile detention center.

    The cheerleaders perform "Jailhouse Rock" in front of the juvie's fenced-in yard.
    The CW / Via

    9. And Archie's absolutely bizarre "epic highs and lows of high school football" speech.

    Archie describes "the epic highs and lows of high school football" to a fellow inmate in juvie.
    The CW / Via

    10. When a cult called "The Farm" turned out to be a front for an organ harvesting ring.

    Betty reveals that The Farm cult is harvesting human organs
    The CW / Via

    11. When the cult leader planned to "ascend" via a cartoonish stunt.

    Alice shoots the cult leader right before he gets in his rocket ship
    The CW / Via

    "When Chad Michael Murray dressed up like Evel Kneivel and took off in a rocket ship."


    12. When Cheryl dressed up the preserved corpse of her murdered twin and talked to him like he was still alive.

    Cheryl says good morning to the preserved corpse of her dead twin brother
    The CW / Via

    "Cheryl keeping her dead brother’s corpse as a houseguest."


    13. When each member of Betty's family was hypnotized to believe that they were Betty and therefore had to murder the other Betty (otherwise known as Dark Betty) in order to become the only Betty. And the trigger word was "tangerine," because why not?

    Betty's Mom menaces her with a knife under the influence of hypnosis.
    The CW / Via

    "One word. 'Tangerine.'"


    14. When Charles (Betty and Jughead's half-brother) and Chic (who pretended to be their half-brother, but actually wasn't) decided to tie the knot.

    Charles and Chic get married
    The CW / Via

    15. And finally, when Alice and Polly dropped two babies (!!!) into a fire (!!!) and then the babies floated away (???)

    Alice and Polly drop babies into the fire, but they float away, unharmed.
    The CW / Via

    "They threw LITERAL INFANTS onto a fire and THE INFANTS FLOATED! And that was barely ever addressed after that! What the fuck!"


    Which bizarre moments did we miss? Drop them in the comments below!

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