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What Are The Most Bizarre Moments From "Riverdale"?

We need your help to find them all.

We can all agree that after five seasons, Riverdale is one of the most consistently bizarre shows on television — but what are its strangest moments of all?

Jughead during his iconic "I'm a weirdo" speech
The CW / Via

In case you haven't noticed, this show is weird. It doesn't ~fit in~ and it doesn't want to ~fit in~. Have you ever seen this character without that stupid hat on? That's weird.

The endlessly memeable "epic highs and lows of high school football" line is definitely on my list.

Archie describes the epic highs and lows of high school football
The CW / Via

I'm not entirely sure why Archie is in juvie here, but this speech should've resulted in more time being added to his sentence.

So is that time Betty did the "Serpent Dance" (otherwise known as a striptease, otherwise known as BETTY YOU ARE A TEENAGER AND YOUR MOTHER IS IN THE AUDIENCE)!

Betty does a striptease in a bar full of adults
The CW / Via

I cannot emphasize this enough: She is 16 in this scene.

And who could forget when Archie fought a literal grizzly bear?

Archie sees his wounds after a bear attack
The CW / Via

I'm starting a petition to replace "jumping the shark" with "battling the bear."

We want to hear about the Riverdale moments that made you say, "Wait, WHAT?" In the comments, tell us the moment, the episode it came from, and why you think it's batshit. The best submissions will be featured in an upcoming BuzzFeed Community post!