I Ranked 19 "Bridgerton" Season 2 Outfits From "Eh" To "Literally Perfect"

    Season 2 is all about capes and top hats. Oh, and romance.

    Season 2 of Bridgerton has officially arrived. It's brought with it an embarrassment of costuming riches, along with the long stretches of unbroken eye contact and confusing definitions of words like "ton" and "rake," that we've all missed so much.

    From luxurious gowns to casual top hats to wigs that would make Newton think he was wrong about the whole gravity thing, the costuming department has outdone itself this season. The clothes these characters wear are so important to the world of the show, so I've decided to rank a select few based on their design, importance to the narrative, and how strong of a backdrop they provide for all that yearning.

    Here are 19 costumes from Bridgerton Season 2 ranked from "Makes Me Glad It's Not The Regency Era Anymore" to "Never Mind, I Was Wrong Before And We Should All Start Dressing Like This Again."

    Just so you know, this isn't a ranking of every single costume from Season 2. Netflix's gown budget is way too high for me to pull that off. 

    Also, there are some spoilers ahead.

    19. Cousin Jack's "This Is My House Now" Purple Velvet Suit

    What the men wear on this show is far-and-away less interesting than what the women do, and Cousin Jack's clothing reflects that. However, I do applaud this ensemble for somehow conveying that this man is composed of 99% smugness and 1% that weird collar thing that looks like someone invented the tie, then died before they could explain how to actually make it look like a tie.

    18. Penelope's Bowtie-Forward Dress

    When given the choice between polka dots and bows, Penelope chose both, and while I applaud the boldness of that decision, those sleeves cannot be forgiven.

    the sleeves of the dress are covered in bows

    17. Eloise's "I'm Not Daphne And I Don't Want To Be" White and Gold Gown

    Eloise also wears a tall feather as a hat

    All the gowns in this sequence, wherein the new eligible ladies of the ton* are presented to the Queen, look roughly the same to me. While Eloise manages to differentiate herself in a sea of trembling feathers by wearing the expression one might when being led to their execution, and the gown itself is perfectly sweet, it's just too much like every other dress to stand out.

    16. Edwina's Races Look

    No disrespect to Edwina, who in addition to being the season's "diamond" is also an all-around gem, but this outfit doesn't do it for me. I think it might be the fault of that tiny jacket, which reminds me of those shrugs that people wore to prom in the early-to-mid 2000s. The flowers in the hair are a nice touch, though.

    15. Queen Charlotte's Purple Wig. Oh, And Also, Her Dress.

    The first rule of the world of Bridgerton is, "Never out-dress the Queen." Which is fine, because it is physically impossible to out-dress the Queen.

    This facial expression says it all, namely, "I know you're thinking about how well I'm pulling off purple and green. And you're correct, it is extraordinary."

    14. Penelope's Daisy Dress

    a simpe dress with daisies all over

    Penelope makes fun of her own dresses constantly, and while that's an understandable approach when you're wearing bowtie sleeves, her wardrobe is generally fun and unique. Not to mention surprisingly modern, with this graphic pattern being a perfect example of that. Something about the flower motif reminds me of the '90s, as if she picked it up at Ye Olde Delia's.

    13. Anthony's Barely-There Dress Shirt

    What did they make shirts from back in the day? Tissue paper? This man isn't wearing a shirt, he's wearing the implication of a shirt. Anyway, full disclosure, I'm mostly just including it because the Sharma sisters' reaction to this moment is perfect. On point yearning, Sharmas.

    12. Kate's Riding Cape

    a large velvet cape thrown over her dress

    What needs to be done to reintroduce capes like this into society? Because I will gladly do it. Coats and jackets have had their moment in the sun. No disrespect to Edna Mode, but it's long past time for the cape to make a comeback.

    11. Perfect Purple Kate Outfit, Pt. 1

    kate walks down the aisle in a short-sleeved dress

    There are two more perfect purple Kate outfits™ on this list, and they all have their individual merits. My favorite part of this one is the sheer overlay, as well as the facial expression that says, "Don't ask me if I'm in love with the man my sister is literally about to marry."

    10. Perfect Purple Kate Outfit, Pt. 2

    this dress has embroidered detailing on the bottom that looks like flowers snaking up the fabric

    This dress is simple and probably what passes for casual in the world of Bridgerton, but it just works, and the added detail on the skirt is a lovely touch that elevates the look as a whole.

    Plus, when she and Anthony fall in the mud, it transitions seamlessly into ombré.

    9. Penelope's Beaded Yellow Gown

    It's like the daisy dress from earlier, but dressed up for a night out on the town. Penelope, being a Featherington, generally wears more garish clothes than the Bridgertons, and while this gown fits that mold, I love both it and her wholehearted devotion to the color yellow.

    8. Perfect Purple Kate Outfit, Pt. 3

    This outfit is so good that I've officially changed my opinion on these itty-bitty half jackets. More half jackets, please. You never hope to see your crush propose to your beloved younger sister, but if it has to happen, wearing something like this at least softens the blow.

    7. Queen Charlotte's Heart-Shaped Wig Ensemble

    I'm not usually a fan of monarchies, but every time Queen Charlotte appears onscreen I consider changing that opinion.

    6. Lady Danbury's Red Velvet Races Look

    Lady Danbury's costumes have an inherent advantage in the drama department, since she pulls off a cane and a top hat like no one in history has ever pulled them off before, and this outfit is the epitome of her regal character. Even the queen thinks she's a badass, and Lady Danbury dresses like it.

    5. Queen Charlotte's Monochrome Masterpiece

    They all bow down to her for a reason, folks. This outfit encapsulates what it meant to be wealthy during the Regency, which is to say, it's equal parts ridiculous and beautiful. If the show had to sum up its whole vibe in one single costume, I think this one would make the short list.

    4. Kate's First-Ball-of-the-Season Outfit

    she wears a short-sleeved dress with lots of shiny detailing paired with long gloves and a tiara

    Kate wears this dress while she's still telling people that she's a spinster who will never find love. This dress goes a long way in letting everyone else know that that is very much not true. Bonus points for the intricate beading on the belt especially, which looks like it's made out of seed pearls embroidered into the shape of flowers. Flawless.

    3. Perfect Orange (!) Kate Outfit

    It may be a mild betrayal of our beloved purple Kate dresses, but I can't help but rank this one slightly higher. The change from one color scheme to another functions as a visual cue that Kate's grown and changed, while the similarity between this gown and the one she wore to her first ball indicates that she's stayed true to herself in the process. Plus, it's absolutely gorgeous.

    Kate dances with a man in her dress paired with long gloves

    2. Edwina's Wedding Dress

    That veil contains more drama than both seasons of Bridgerton put together. Not because Bridgerton isn't dramatic, but because that veil is so long it leaves the screen and presumably travels for miles.

    It's a beautiful dress that's extravagant enough to please the queen and still perfectly suited to Edwina's tastes, which makes it all the more surprising that the wedding itself is less than ideal for all parties involved.

    1. Kate's Hunting Ensemble

    I'm obsessed with this costume. And no, it's not just the matching top hat, though I think the matching top hat may function as a cure to the majority of the world's problems. The shape and color of the gown convey Kate's power and independence, and are counterbalanced by the romantic touch of tulle. And, okay, yes: the matching top hat has changed my life for the better.

    It's the sort of outfit that goes perfectly with a hunting rifle (and a man you temporarily despise but will ultimately decide is your soul mate).

    in the dress, Kate ducks behind a tree stump with Anthony as she aims her rifle

    What were your favorite costumes from the season? Will you join my fight to bring capes and top hats back into day-to-day fashion? Let me know in the comments!