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    Here's How 17 Abandoned TV Comedy Plotlines And Ideas Would've Majorly Changed Their Shows

    The Belcher family in Bob's Burgers almost had a lot in common with Hannibal Lecter.

    1. In the original pitch for Bob's Burgers, the Belchers were a family of cannibals who served customers human flesh in between two buns.

    A bob's burgers character running screaming from a sign that says "food may contain human flesh"

    2. NBC wanted Parks and Recreation to be a spinoff of The Office, but creators Greg Daniels and Michael Schur ultimately decided the show would be stronger as its own series.

    Leslie and Ann embrace during the series finale

    3. Oh, and Nick Offerman auditioned to play an unnamed love interest of Ann Perkins, before everyone realized he'd be better as Leslie's boss.

    Ann Perkins reaching out to embrace Ron Swanson

    4. Justin Roiland voices both titular protagonists in Rick and Morty, but he was almost replaced as Morty's voice actor when Adult Swim creative director Mike Lazzo raised concerns about the direction of the character.

    Morty rants at Rick while Rick disables a neutrino bomb

    5. Brooklyn Nine-Nine's Amy Santiago wasn't going to have children until her actor Melissa Fumero stepped in and convinced creator Dan Goor that it was the right step for the character.

    Amy Santiago, looking frightened, points at Jake

    6. Speaking of that Brooklyn Nine-Nine pregnancy storyline, at first Goor planned that Amy and Jake wouldn't have any trouble conceiving. In another version, she wouldn't get pregnant until the very end of the season.

    Amy and Jake on their impromptu wedding day

    7. Insecure originally focused on its main character's work at "'We Got Y’all,' a very white, though well-meaning, non-profit focused on education." But the writing team soon realized that "the heart" of Insecure was actually the friendship between Issa and Molly, so they decided to reorient the show around it.

    Issa and Molly grocery shopping together

    8. The janitor in Scrubs was supposed to be a figment of J.D.'s imagination.

    The janitor and J.D. together

    9. During its season finale, Silicon Valley nearly confirmed that Jian-Yang murdered Erlich.

    Erlich and Jian Yang attend a gala together

    10. Jada Pinkett Smith was cast as Will's love interest Lisa Wilkes on The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, but she was replaced by Nia Long after producers decided that Pinkett was too short for the role.

    Nia Long and Will Smith embracing

    11. The writers behind Seinfeld considered several different versions of the series finale, including not having one at all.

    the cast at their trial in the finale

    12. Dan Levy considered ending Schitt's Creek with more than one wedding. While David and Patrick ended up with the big finale ceremony, Levy thought about a double wedding with Alexis and Ted, too.

    Patrick and David at the altar for their wedding

    13. Dan Harmon envisioned pairing Troy (Donald Glover) and Pierce (Chevy Chase) together on Community, since "they both shared a kind of juvenile energy." But the chemistry between Troy and Abed (Danny Pudi) was too good not to focus on.

    Troy and Abed getting up to some shenanigans in Community

    14. Here's how the original ending for Veep played out: After not getting enough support from delegates to be the presidential nominee, Selina would ask Jonah to be her running mate. But he takes so long weighing the pros and cons of it that Selina's "former running mate and on-again, off-again lover" Tom James gets the nomination. The final moments of the finale would be a flash-forward to eight years in the future, when Selina would once again be asked to run as vice president (this time to Richard Splett).

    Selina Meyer accepts the presidential nomination in Veep's finale

    15. In the unaired pilot of The Big Bang Theory, there were two female leads who were later written out, Penny, Raj, and Howard didn't exist yet, and the opening song was "She Blinded Me With Science" instead of "The Big Bang Theory." Also, Sheldon was more "sexually adept."

    Parsons and Galecki in an episode of the big bang theory

    16. Speaking of unused pilots, 30 Rock's one had a completely different actress in a major role. For that single (and unaired) episode, Jenna is played not by Jane Krakowski, but Rachel Dratch.

    Rachel Dratch as Jenna says, I'm living in New York, I have my own TV show, dreams do come true, right?

    17. And finally: At least one proposed joke didn't make it into Broad City's series finale. The show ends with a FaceTime call between Abbi, who's attending an artist's residency in Colorado, and Ilana, who stayed behind in New York. But in one version of the script, Ilana would show up in person during their call and announce she'd changed schools to be with Abbi, only for Abbi to inform her that her residency only lasts for four months. But Ilana Glazer said that she thought her character should stay in New York, and everyone immediately agreed.

    Abbi and Illana leaning on pianos in Washington Square Park