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    • martinp5

      Oh god people, let’s get the facts right here. Scotch whisky (note the spelling) can only be distilled in Scotland. Other varieties can be distilled anywhere and can be spelled either way. Single Scotch malt MUST be at least 40% proof and has to have been matured for at least 10 years. Blends can have some whisky that has been matured for a shorter time . Many producers add water to the whisky to
      bring it down to 40% because they can within the law and because it gives them more return on their investment.
      The production and consumption of Scotch whisky is as mysterious as any other ancient product. Every producer has a different process, even if that process only differs by the quality or treatment of one on the ingredients.
      Speak to the representatives of the distilleries and all will say they don’t care what you mix it with and how you drink it, as long as you drink it. Most will agree though that the ideal way is to add a very small amount of pure waiter at room temperature, to release the natural oils and flavour of the drink.
      Ultimately, however, what matters is that you drink it and enjoy doing so.

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