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Can You Finish These '00s Song Lyrics?

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  1. "I'm dreaming away, wishing that ______ they truly exist."
  2. "Two more years and you'll be done with _______, and I'll be making history like I do."
  3. "Baby, when you finally get to _______ somebody."

  4. "When the ______ shines, we’ll shine together. Told you I'd be here forever."
  5. "Up in the club, we just _____ _____, I'm doing my own little thing."
  6. "I’ll be your number one with a _________."
  7. "But we kick 'em to the curb unless they look like ______ ______."
  8. Promiscuous girl, you're ________ me, you know what I want and I got what you need."
  9. "Pumping up the ________, breaking down to the beat."
  10. "Hot and _______ out the kitchen, mama rollin' that body."
  11. "I never really knew that she could ________ like this, she makes a man wants to speak Spanish."
  12. "Soulja Boy off in this hoe, watch me________ it, watch me roll."

  13. "If I just lay here, would you _______ with me and just forget the world?"
  14. "So don't you ever for a second get to thinking you're ________."

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