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    • marrvictoriao

      You can all hate on Channing Tatum. To be honest,Idon’t giveadamn what you do because you’re stupid. Heard me? YOU ARE MOTHER FUCKING STUPID!All of you dumbasses above ^^ commented with your meaningless opinion, yet none of you, NONE, seemed to notice that all the pictures of Ryan Gosling were basically in suits and ties. Where were Channing’s suit and tie pic’s? Did they get caught somewhere up your asses?!!! and the picture where Channing’s face is OD red, does he naturally look like that? Cause if he does, so do the rest of you white people who also commented! And all you fuckers do is judge people, and judge people and JUDGE THEM! Let him live cause most of you guys that have commented are most likely ratchet, looking like seven buses ran over your face. So hold up on your shit, and move thatawaysss ——-> Fuck outta here. You would have thought you had the right to say shit about people. Turn off your computers and look at your reflection before you say anything!

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