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    43 Things To Help You Get Your House Looking Spiffy For The New Year

    🎶Clean up. Clean up. Everybody, everywhere. 🎶

    Psst... We're now so close to the New Year, I can smell it. And what does 2020 smell like, you ask?

    A CLEAN AND ORDERLY HOUSE THAT YOU CAN ACTUALLY THINK IN! Lol, I don't mean to yell but we have major goals for the new year so let's get to organizin' and cleanin'. Ahead, you'll find all the stuff you need.

    1. Fridge storage bins to keep everything in there neatly placed and visible so you can put your hands on it all whenever you want. This'll also help anyone who visits to wade through the fridge with ease. They come in a set of four.

    2. Wood polish and conditioner to make even the most high-traffic wood surfaces in your house look brand-spankin' new. One scroll through the before-and-after pictures for this product on Amazon and it'll be very clear why it has so many five-star reviews.

    3. A remote control organizer so you can go ahead and get the whole house accustomed to putting all the remote controls in ~one~ place. This way, when you're ready to Netflix and chill, you can spend more time debating which movie or show to watch instead of looking high and low for the remote.

    4. A lid organizer so finally, FINALLY you can locate the tops to all of your plastic containers without having to launch a cabinet-wide search party. It'll hold round and square lids up to nine inches wide and it only takes one minute to set up!

    5. A three-tier spice rack with drawers that'll pull out AND down so you can lay eyes on the exact spices you need no matter where you set this in your cabinets.

    6. OR — a U-shaped shelf organizer so you can make the room that you didn't even know you had in your cabinets.

    7. A hanging shelf wall set to give your home a style upgrade and a new storage spot that takes up minimal space. You can even use it to display cute holiday fixtures to avoid creating clutter in your house with seasonal decorations.

    8. A mop and broom holder you can attach to a wall and make your kitchen or laundry room look less cluttered instantly. It'll also hold things like bags and house keys.

    9. A silverware sorter to save you more space than you probably ever imagined so you can do way more with your kitchen drawers and feel right proud of yourself for being one boss of an organizer.

    10. A two-sided tea stand so when you offer tea to your guests, you can quickly put your hands on the exact flavor they want without having to shuffle through different boxes like a chaotic deck of cards. It'll hold 100 tea bags and has 12 slots.

    11. Leaf scoops so you can get your yard ready to welcome your family and friends with holiday decorations instead of wet, nasty leaves.

    12. A decorative tray that'll look super cute and sophisticated no matter what you pile on top of it. Reviewers say this tray will come in handy for serving guests, keeping up with remotes and TV guides in the living room, or for holding stuff like a book or newspaper if you plan to read in bed.

    13. A folding board that'll deliver those precise storefront-style folds every single time and QUICKLY, before guests can ring the doorbell. It's so easy that even the kids will be able to help out!

    14. A hanger stacker that'll turn laundry day into such a quick breeze because be honest, washing clothes is the easy part. Not leaving unsorted clean clothes out for three days is what you need more support with. With this stacker, you'll actually be able to find hangers without the task of untangling them.

    15. A laundry sorter cart that'll be your file cabinet for clothes. You can label your darks, whites, workpieces, and linens and then wash whichever bag is full first. These labeled bags will also help you find that ~one~ dirty clothing piece that you want to wash individually to wear again before the next big laundry day.

    16. An over-the-door rack to basically give yourself an extra set of shelves for organizing food in your pantry. Since it'll fit over any door, this can also be put in your linen closet to store other household items.

    17. A shower curtain with quick-dry mesh pockets to keep all your bathroom accoutrements ⁠sorted out and easy to find. It'll also save some counter and cabinet space. The many compartments will also be helpful if you have a few family members stay over since they can each have a pocket to store their bathtime stuff.

    18. A shoe shelf so everyone can drop their kicks off right at the door and store them in a neat way so they'll be found later. It'll take up minimal floor space and has seven tiers and — if you order the large size — each tier is wide enough to store two pairs. It'll definitely come in handy when guests are making their holiday rounds to prevent leaves and dirt from getting onto your carpet.

    19. Cable clips to keep all the cords in your house orderly so the first thing your guests see won't be a tumbleweed of wires.

    20. A three-tier cart that'll single-handedly organize your laundry room since it can hold multiple bottles of detergent, fabric softener, and more. It's has a narrow shape so it may fit between your washer and dryer or snugly against the wall.

    21. An eight-cube shelf organizer for storing games, books, blankets, or whatever else you want to keep in your living room and access frequently. It'll sit vertically or horizontally to suit the space needs in your home.

    22. A corner tray that'll make your soap, sponges, and scrub brush huddle in one spot instead of all over your counter. It'll also drain water so no more excess water puddles to waste time wiping up after doing the dishes.

    23. A six-piece vanity set so you can make all your stuff look even cooler when it's all organized in a designated place. The set will store beauty products, jewelry, and anything else you want to organize to make your spot look way better than it currently does. These small organizers also make clearing clutter super easy since you can just drop them in any compartment without thinking and everything immediately looks neat.

    24. A tub drainer to catch all the hair that would normally clog your drain. It'll also be easy (and yea, kinda disgusting) to pluck out and clean when needed.

    25. OR, a Flexisnake to dig out all the hair that's been having camp meetings in your drain. It'll be a nasty process but you'll be so happy when water's back to running down your sink like a dream.

    26. A toddler-size storage shelf because YES, you're finally going to beat the challenge of getting your kids' rooms cleaned in record time. This shelf is also a great aid for encouraging your kids to keep their toys put away on their own.

    27. Animal bag clips to encourage everyone in the house to close up those snack bags when they're done so no crumbs come tumbling out.

    28. A wall organizer for the workspace in your house that'll hold your important documents so they're ready for grabbing when you need to access them. This'll save you so much desk and floor space!

    29. A produce-saving container to make fruits and veggies ACTUALLY FREAKING LAST for more than four days. Time out for returning to your fridge with your taste buds set on those sweet-smelling strawberries you picked up at the grocery store just to discover they've withered away and smell like death. Do I sound like a personal victim? I am but since I bought these for myself for the holidays, I won't be ever again.

    30. A Mr. Clean Turbo Plunger and Bowl brush caddy set to save more space near your porcelain throne.

    31. A drawer organizing set with four bins for separating bras, panties, scarves, ties, and more. Finally, you'll be able to locate your special holiday socks at first glance.

    32. Collapsible tunnels to create a straight-up playground for small cats, dogs, bunnies, etc. Ya' know how kids like to hang out in a "fort" with blankets, boxes, and such? Well, this is the "fort" for the kids with fur — and when they're done, you can just fold it up and stick it somewhere so your house looks spic and span.

    33. Floating cat furniture that'll transform any wall into the purrr-fect obstacle course and part-time lounge spot for your feline. This way, you can save floor space and keep your kitty occupied enough to stop scratching up other furniture of boredom.

    34. A doggie doorbell if your dog is like mine and will howl bloody murder when he's ready to come in and you're not moving fast enough for him. Over time, the dog will learn to just use their snout or paw to press the bell instead of screeching and scratching your door. Of course, the bell could also be placed inside if you're willing to train your pup to use it to alert you when they need to go potty.

    35. A cabinet door organizer for storing the cutting boards you'll be pulling out and putting away frequently when you prepare those holiday meals. It can hang with its built-in hooks alone but also comes with screws to secure it in place. You can also store other supplies like cookie sheets, foil, and more!

    36. A kitchen knife sharpener to get your dull knife game back on ~point~.

    37. A pet hair removal roller because it's time you started carrying your pet's love all over your heart and not all over your couch, bed, curtains, hopes, dreams, etc. Ha! You get the point. This roller will make everything hair-free with just a few swipes. It'll also remove lint and dander (buh-bye allergies!). Plus, it'll be easy to clean since the roller traps the particles in a compartment that you can open up and dump out.

    38. Air-tight food storage containers for snacks so you always have something on hand to nibble on.