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    40 Things To Get If Disorganization Honestly Creeps You Out

    Clutter making you shudder? All of this belongs in your cart.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page if you decide to shop from them. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. A magnetic utensil set that'll hold a slotted spatula, spaghetti server, slotted spoon, solid spoon, and a ladle all together while taking up minimal space on your counter and freeing up your drawer space.

    a stack of spoons sitting inside of each other. The stack is standing on the magnetic stand.

    Promising review: "We travel full time and move every three months so everything has to be compact and packable. These replaced five other kitchen utensils that did not nest in each other. They sit on the counter ready to use. They are sturdy and have been used in nonstick ceramic and cast-iron pans. Very happy with this set." —Justice Talbot

    Get a set from Amazon for $28+ (available in four different color varieties; free shipping).

    2. Vacuum-sealed bags so your closet goes from being an unnavigable nightmare to looking like an organized dream.

    Here's what BuzzFeed writer Jasmin Suknanan has to say about how the bags have helped her organize:

    "Sooo, my closet is a mess. I admit it. And since I promised myself I'd do better, I decided to get these storage bags to see if they'll really give me a neat place to keep off-season clothes without taking up too much space in my room. I folded my clothes and stuffed them in the bag, careful not to fill the bag past the 'STOP' line since the instructions say you could risk re-inflating the bag if you do. I zipped up the bag and used the included vacuum pump to pump out the air, although you can also use a normal vacuum to do this. It took a few minutes, but I watched the bag deflate before my eyes. The flatter the bag becomes, the harder it should be to pump the air out. I stopped once it became really difficult to pull the handle on the pump and marveled at my work. I was pretty dang impressed, TBH. I didn't have any issues with the bag re-inflating and it's been two months so far. Yay for a cleaner closet!!!"

    Get them from Amazon for $21.99+ (available as individuals in sizes M-L or five- or six-packs of sizes S-L).

    3. Color-coded cutting board mats to keep foods separated that can contaminate each other (i.e. raw meats away from veggies, please). Because yeah, food poisoning will give everyone at the dinner table the heebiest of jeebies. IYKYK!

    Four color-coded mats no bigger than the traditional folder size that are green, yellow, red, and blue

    There are four cutting boards in different colors and they're also labeled with a small graphic that shows what to cook on what board. Several reviewers also noted that they're easy to clean so everyone in your home should be able to use these to keep the food safe and then clean them right after use.

    Promising review: "I purchased these cutting mats because they seemed to be so much more sanitary than the cutting boards. They are so easy to wash and I feel much better about putting food on them. They are also color-coordinated by food groups and we love that!!!! I initially bought them to use for making baby food but my husband loved them so much he decided to use them to prepare our food. We will buy another set!!! It also came with a cookbook which I will definitely be using!!! This is an amazing product and I would recommend it to everyone!!!" —Kay

    Get the set of four from Amazon for $14.99 (free shipping on the first order).

    4. A magnetic bobby pin tray so you can keep them from showing up in every nook and cranny of your house — you know, where they tend to go and eventually never return.

    a set of bobby pins sitting in a blue container that looks similar to a plastic soap dish

    Pssst, you know I have to tell you that this could also work for paper clips. Or, you could snag the paper clip magnetic holder I found on Amazon too.

    Promising review: "I love this product. My bathroom drawer looks so organized now that my bobby pins aren’t all over the place. I loved that it came with bobby pins which I had no idea would be included! It's nice to also have some new bobby pins!" ¸—Monica

    Get it from Amazon for $14.98 (available in two colors) and the paper clip holder for $9.98 (available in two colors).

    5. Under-bed storage bins in case clutter is the only Boogeyman you're worried about living under there. You'll never be afraid to look under the bed again!

    Promising review: "I decided to take a chance with the money I was going to spend on one plastic bin and received two for that price! Shipping was fast thanks to the next-day Amazon promise that I love dearly, because what is patience? They arrived neatly packed, with no chemical-y smell, and were easy to assemble them. They have plastic (I think) sewn in the sides for structure. You unfold the sturdy bottom and lay it on the bottom of the container for the bottom support. I thought it was going to just be 'okay' support but it truly is pretty sturdy! I put my sheets in one, blankets in the other, zipped (smooth as butter zipper) them up, and slid them under my bed like some of y'all slide into my DMs. There is only one regret that I have in purchasing this item and that is that I did not order two sets of them, as I still have more crap that needs to be stored. " —Corinna Ramsey

    Get them from Amazon for $19.99+ (available in two colors and as a single or in a set; free shipping on your first order).

    6. An internet address and password log book so all your login info will remain in ONE place instead of here, there, and everywhere.,

    Promising review: "When we have so many internet addresses and passwords to remember, it gets really hard — especially when you get older and have trouble remembering what silly password you gave something. And, we are supposed to change or update passwords from time to time, so this is a great tool to help us do that. It certainly makes more sense than scribbling on a random piece of paper on your desk and then misplacing it. The trick, however, is to not misplace the book!" —Carole P

    Get it from Amazon for $6.33.

    7. A laundry sorter cart that'll be your file cabinet for clothes so you avoid those monster pile-ups.

    four fabric bags shaped like squares and hanging from a metal frame which is on wheels. The bags read "darks," "whites," "work," and "linens" from left to right.

    You can label your darks, whites, work pieces, and linens, and then wash whichever bag is full first. These labeled bags will also help you find that ~one~ dirty clothing piece that you want to wash individually to wear again before the next big laundry day.

    Promising review: "So I purchased this to organize and create a laundry system. Up until this point, I used one basket for everything. Wow. What a time-saver this has been. I now do wash when any baby (2) or adult (2) are running low on their clothes. My husband is size L or XL and just one of the bags held one week's worth of clothes. This most definitely simplified my laundry." —Mackenzie

    Get it from Amazon for $38.87 (available in three colors; free shipping).

    8. A breakfast sandwich maker so cooking your first meal of the day will be a smooth, organized process. This gadget will cook every part of your sandwich at the same time so you won't have to finesse different frying pans, forks, spoons, and whatever else for one sandwich.


    The sandwich maker also features a countdown timer with an audible beep and each part is removable and dishwasher-safe. I'm betting you the price of a McDonald's sausage biscuit that a sandwich made with your preferred bread, meats, and other toppings is going to taste loads better than a McGriddle.

    Promising review: "FAM. I need you to lissssssen. I would give this product 87 stars if I could. This thing was delivered to my doorstep in two business days and will provide a lifetime of joy for me. You'd think it would be one of those gimmicky kitchen appliances that barely even works EXCEPT you're wrong. It's amazing. It's quick. Look. Lissssen. You put the ingredients in and about two minutes later, your tummy is all like 'oh yesssss.' Basically. Just buy it. Purchase the sammich maker. You're welcome." —Amazon customer

    Get it from Amazon for $24.99 (also available as a double sandwich-maker).

    9. A weekly meal planning pad to keep track of what's in your fridge, what meals you want to make with it all, and what items you need to buy on your next grocery run.

    two pages from the pad. One has a square blank space for each day of the week and the other has lines for listing grocery items.

    It'll stick to your fridge with the two flat magnets on the back!

    Promising review: "I’ve been starting to get into meal prepping and this planner really helps! I like being able to look up recipes on my phone and then write down whatever ingredients I still need on the grocery list section of this planner. The fact that it's magnetic is cool because you can hang it on the fridge. I love how the grocery list section can be ripped off so you can take it to the store, but the daily meal plans remain on the fridge so you can stay organized. This is a very simple idea, but it’s cute and helps keep me organized and motivated to plan out my meals." —Samantha M.

    Get it from Amazon for $9.95 (available in 10 colors).

    10. A bag-organizing insert for anyone who's as tired of digging into their black hole of a purse as I am. The insert features one large pocket, four small pockets, two zipper pockets, and six mesh pockets that'll ensure that you and I can ~finally~ find what we're looking for.


    Promising review: "This bag has revolutionized my life! As a professional woman who needs to stay organized, my purse was my downfall. All of my adult life, I have fumbled to find things on the bottom of my handbag no matter what the size. I have even tried carrying a flashlight to find things but I could never find the flashlight. Do I have a pen? It's got to be here somewhere. Paper? Yes, I think I have paper. Well, it's crumpled, but it's paper. Safety pins? Maybe, but it will take an hour to sort through everything else to find them. Maybe if I dump everything out on the counter, it won't take so long... NOW, I am the picture of efficiency. Wallet, pens, paper, cords, phone, keys, gum, safety pins, comb, ID badge, mouthwash, lipstick, cold capsules, and more are all tucked nicely into this travel bag which easily slips in and out of any purse I choose to carry. I purchased the small and medium-size and they fit perfectly inside my purses. The organizer holds a ton of stuff and everything is standing up in full view. Nothing is laying on the bottom of my purse. It has completely changed everything. I am DELIGHTED with this purchase!" —Janis Creason

    Get it from Amazon for $7.99+ (available in 27 styles and sizes S-L).

    11. A desktop stand riser that'll elevate all your stuff for good posture purposes and provide more storage for the keyboard, mouse, notepads, and other desk things. This way, when you're done working, minimizing clutter won't feel like trying to slay a difficult dragon.

    the desktop stand is sitting on a desk. It looks like a mini platform and is made of wood. It has two drawers and space underneath to slide a keyboard under and a notebook.

    Promising review: "This is definitely a great idea for a monitor stand. The drawers are bigger than I thought. They fit a mini writing pad. I was able to put a lot of my stationery and desk supplies like pens and Post-Its in there. Nice way to keep my desk clean! I also love that my keyboard and mouse fit under it. All the little slots on top to hold my phone and drink are nice. I used the middle one to hold my iPad. Totally worth buying!." —Amazon Customer

    Get it from Amazon for $44.99.

    12. A mail slot to not only help you keep your mail sorted but will also provide a mini chalkboard for you to write necessary reminders like "Pack your lunch!" or "Turn off the oven." PLUS, it has hooks for keys.

    A small wooden fixture with two slots on top of one another for sticking papers in. Metal hooks for keys are on the bottom. Both slots have a small chalkboard on the front for writing.

    Promising review: "I have no issue with this purchase. I even like the added key hooks. It's nice having a place to stick incoming and outgoing mail and also knowing where my car keys are😆." —Victoria

    Get it from Amazon for $29.99.

    13. Divider sticky notes that'll help you better organize the thoughts you jot down in your journal, planner, or diary. You could also use them to take notes and bookmark pages in your books without damaging the pages.


    You get 60 sticky notes in one pack.

    Promising review: "I absolutely love these dividers! I use them in my planner and textbooks as reminders on materials and for a breakdown of what bills are due each week at a glance. I will definitely purchase again." —King_savage17

    Get it from Amazon for $4.85.

    14. A staircase wicker basket so you can ~step~ up your home decor AND your de-cluttering game with something unbe~weave~ably stylish.

    The wicker basket is sitting on a carpeted staircase. It's shaped like a square with a corner cut out. That cutout corner is what sits on the steps.
    Wayfair / Christine

    Promising review: "This does the job! I needed this to keep clutter down on the stairs. It's sturdy, fits well, and is appealing to the eye." —Katharine

    Get it from Wayfair for $49.99 (free shipping).

    15. A silverware sorter to give you way more drawer space so you won't face a horrific web of flatware every time you pull the drawer out.

    a skinny, rectangular-shaped plastic container with four different slots for sliding utensils in

    Imagine swapping out that wide silverware sorter you have now for this cool stacking gadget that'll only take up a sliver of space. What you'll do with the rest of that real estate is up to you. Yay options!

    Promising review: "I have a tiny kitchen with only three drawers, so space is at a premium. My silverware organizer took up almost all of one drawer, so this organizer is a godsend. You can fit quite a few spoons etc. in each slot. My beater attachments fit perfectly into the top two hollows. I will say I have to flip my forks over face down to be able to shut and open my drawer, but then the drawer itself is kind of shallow. You NEED this if you have a small kitchen with few drawers!" —Mialro

    Get it on Amazon for $7.81+ (available in three styles and two colors).

    16. A 60-minute visual timer for anyone who could use a lil' more discipline when it comes to organizing daily tasks and getting stuff done. It's also really cool-looking. Don't get caught red-clock-faced wasting time, I guess!

    a timer that has the style of clock but instead of all 12 hours of the day, it has numbers 0 to 55 to count up to an hour. As the clock arms move forward, the time that's already passed is red.

    Peep what BuzzFeed writer Jen Tonti thinks of this cool clock below:

    "I have ADHD and have used various tools throughout my education to keep me organized and on-task. This is one of the best. I personally set 30-minute increments for any given task since an hour becomes too much time and I get side-tracked. It’s not that I must finish my task in 30 minutes, but rather I am kept aware of time passing in the first place and that helps me stay focused. The red film that disappears is a necessary visual representation of time that really makes this clock better than just a timer on my phone. I keep it within view and whenever I feel my mind trailing off I can quickly glance up and say, 'Oh wow that was 10 minutes of distraction, better get back into it.' "

    Get it from Amazon for $19.99+ (available in two sizes and as a magnet option).

    17. A two-sided tea stand to transform your mountain of tea boxes into one, organized stash so you can grab the exact tea bag you want right when you need it.

    This stand holds 100 tea bags and features 12 slots.

    Promising review: "Do I really need a tea bag organizer? That's what I was thinking when I ordered this. And when I took it out of the box. And when I filled the first little bag holder. But, as the pile of empty boxes grew larger, I knew the answer was yes, I do need a tea bag organizer. I was using a whole shelf and a half of jumbled tea boxes which I had to sift through to look for a specific tea. In the end, I think this held about eight or nine boxes of tea bags (I crammed some of them). I am so happy that I got this!" —Sarah C.

    Get it from Amazon for $26.99.

    18. A hanger stacker so you'll be able to put your hands on a hanger without having to untangle it from a vine of other ones to get your laundry sorted. Also, admit it. There's something really satisfying about seeing those hangers stacked neatly together.

    Promising review: "The struggle with hangers has been real for quite some time. I wish I would have known about this thing sooner! Seriously, laundry is enough of a pain so to not fight with hangers will be wonderful. It arrived double-boxed and nicely packaged within. Assembly was simple with a total of four screws to attach the vertical pieces to the base and the wrench included. No personal tools were needed. The hanger stand doesn't wiggle and seems sturdy. Hopefully, it stays that way because this has saved me a ton of room and hassle! I'm buying another for child-size hangers." —Kara Adams

    Get it from Amazon for $18.45 (available in six quantity selections).

    19. A dishwasher magnet that'll help you take charge of the "Are they clean or are they not?" conversation in your household and prevent dirty dishes from making their way back into your cabinets.

    It's shaped like an octagon and the top says "dirty" while the bottom says "clean"

    Promising review: "I got this a year ago and have used it consistently. It stays in place and does not spin when I open and close the door. It has a strong magnet on it. It has never fallen off the dishwasher, and you can tell from a distance whether the dishes are dirty or clean unless you forget to turn it, of course." —Melanie DiBona

    Get it from Amazon for $4.99.

    20. A lid organizer so finally, FINALLY you can locate the tops to all of your plastic containers without having to launch a cabinet-wide search party. It'll hold round and square lids up to 9 inches wide and it only takes one minute to set up!

    Also, one reviewer shared that a sweet note from the brand in their package revealed that this YouCopia brand is a small woman-owned business!

    Promising review: "This product does exactly what it is supposed to and does it well. In under 15 minutes, I took my nightmare lid drawer and turned it into a functional, convenient storage space. The dividers were simple to install and provide flexibility. Slowly but surely I am getting my tiny, chaotic kitchen under control, and this got me a huge leap closer." —S. Hawthorn

    Get it from Amazon for $15.99+ (available in four sizes).

    21. A shower curtain with quick-dry mesh pockets just to keep all your bathroom accoutrements ⁠sorted out and easy to find. It'll also save some counter and cabinet space. Plus, the many compartments will be helpful if you have roommates or guests staying over since they can each have a pocket to store bath time stuff.

    the curtains hanging up with the mesh pockets facing outside of the shower

    Promising review: "This liner may be the most useful product I've ever purchased! It allows you to organize all your various bath products in conveniently sized mesh pockets. The pockets are strong enough to hold full shampoo and conditioner bottles without tearing away from the liner. No more worries about cluttered edges causing things to fall off the sides of the bathtub. No more nasty soap scum from bars of soap resting on the edge of the tub. No more rust circles from cans of shaving cream. It's brilliant!" —G. Allen

    Get it from Amazon for $14.50 (also available in different quantities).

    22. A U-shaped shelf organizer so your cabinets will no longer be a hot, scary mess.

    Promising review: "Product is perfect for what I need it to do. Fits just right, is more than sturdy enough, and has made my absolutely nightmarish spice cabinet look awesome. No more duplicate spices going bad in the back of the cabinet! It’s not at all difficult to assemble. Watch the assembly videos (they’re short) before you start opening the parts bags. Otherwise, it’s easy to get intimidated by all of the extra pieces." —Congaree

    Get it from Amazon for $27.99.

    23. A Book Lover's Journal to jot down books you want to read next, notes on what you're reading now, a list of books you've borrowed and need to return, your book club info, and even good recs for authors you should check out. You're about to have the most organized reading life ever.

    The journal has an elastic band closure, a sturdy hardcover binding, and 261 pages.

    Promising review: "I do a lot of reading and it becomes cumbersome sometimes to keep the books straight. This helps me with that. When I'm talking with someone about a book I really liked, but I can't quite bring up the title, I can consult my notes and find out what I need to know. There are separate sections in this journal. It has a two-page spread for each book you read where you can put pertinent details including the author, number of pages, publisher, where you got the book on one side, and your notes and 'review' on the other side. A table of contents can show the books listed in that section so you don't buy them again, something I have done more times than I care to mention. Another section is just to list the various books you've heard about and want to get later. You can mark them out as you get them. The journal is small enough that you can easily put it in your purse to carry with you. I really like this little book for organizing my reading life!" —Linda Keenan

    Get it from Amazon for $10.29.

    24. A remote-control organizer so you can prevent the freakout "did the remote disappear forever?" moment that happens every few days. This way, you could spend more time debating which movie or show to watch instead of looking high and low for the remotes.

    An oval-shaped container with four remote controllers standing up inside it

    Promising review: "We keep our remotes in a cubby under our coffee table and it was annoying to always have to grab a handful and pull them up every time we wanted to change the volume or something. This usually just led to us leaving them on top of the table and cluttering up the space. I really like this holder! It makes it very convenient to move them all at once and even if we leave them on the table it doesn't make it look messy or cluttered!" —Lauren C.

    Get it from Amazon for $16.99 (available in 12 colors).

    25. A storage tray for anyone who can't stand toilet top clutter. It'll also bear a cute joke that no one'll mind being the ~butt~ of. Ha!

    it's a wooden, rectangular-shaped box with no top. The note says "nice butt" on the front which is why anyone would be OK with being the "butt" of that joke. Ha ha!

    Promising review: "It’s everything I hoped it was — made of real wood and a very nice addition to my guest bathroom! It's a great conversation piece too!" —Launi Solomon

    Get it from Amazon Handmade for $29.95.

    26. A heavy-duty car trash bag so your car won't be a trash can on wheels.


    This car trash can also come with a free pack of 10 liners. Once you're done with the free liners, you can re-up with a fresh pack of liners from the same brand, which are sold separately.

    Promising review: "I love this thing! It has a thick protective plastic sewed on the inside so cleaning up spills is super easy. Plus, it came with a roll of plastic garbage bags that fit perfectly inside. It's a heavy-duty car trash bag and very good quality. I was honestly expecting something thin and flimsy. That is not what I got at all. It holds quite a bit of trash. I'm a mother of two and car junk adds up really fast. So glad I bought this because it has come in handy." —BonBon

    Get it from Amazon for $12.99+ (available in two sizes and three colors) and a 40-count pack of liners for $9.99.

    27. OR a gorgeous, sleek car trash can that'll fit inside most cup holders and help you keep all car-bage to a minimum., Amazon

    Promising review: "It's perfect for small trash like straw wrappers. I have one for me and one to share! I love the diamond design! Super cute!" —Dshirley

    Get it from Amazon for $10.99+ (available in four color options and as a set).

    28. A clothing folding board so you can get those satisfyingly precise storefront-style folds every single time.


    Promising review: "OK, I am not the best laundry folder in the world. Actually, I just kinda wad things up and stuff them away. HOWEVER, I want to do better. Hence, my purchase of this T-shirt folder. I have to say, I am pretty darn good at folding T-shirts lately. I marvel a bit at how tidy my shirts are now. I have not yet tried folding pants using the folder but I imagine that will work just as smoothly and quickly. I would certainly recommend this item to any and all who can find no room in their closets and drawers and suitcases for their many shirts and tops (and pants!)." —Jane P.

    Get it from Amazon for $21.99+ (available in five colors).

    29. Cable clips to solve all the ~discord~ with the messy cords in your house. These'll also prevent them from being snatched around and potentially catching a short.

    the clip looks like a tiny ball, but has a a slit down the center for easily sliding a cord through

    Promising review: "We had so many charging cords on the bedside table that birds were eyeing it as a possible nesting location... I tried several backyard engineer/ 'life hack'-type solutions but every 'solution' I tried was, to be generous, as attractive as mud and not terribly effective. So, as I do with an embarrassingly large number of similar issues, I looked to Amazon for answers and found these Blue Key World cable clips. These things met all of my criteria. They were reasonably priced, looked durable, appeared easy to install, and they had good reviews. I ordered a set which arrived in two days... Installation was extremely simple: Figure out where you want to put them, peel the paper off the sticky foam on the back of each clip, and press it into place. Once stuck on the surface of your choice, all you have to do is push any offending cables in between the little rubber 'fingers' and boom, instant organization. I was and continue to be 100% happy with this purchase. The clips are well-made and extremely easy to install and use. Cords don’t bind when you use them and the clips securely stay where you put them. I’m pleased enough that I am going to order another set for my home office and for my work office too." —Broad Interests

    Get them from Amazon for $6.97 (free shipping on your first order).

    30. A travel organizer case — speaking of cords — to keep ones you need to use safe, sound, and together whenever you're out dipping and doing life.


    You could also use it for makeup or other organized traveling purposes. It's made of waterproof nylon so your tech items will be safe in a drizzle.

    Promising review: "It's the perfect little cable organizer. I was using a ziplock bag before and I thought I should step up my game. Although I do miss the ziplock bag because I can easily identify the cables without opening up the bag, this case also does its job and makes it a little more professional when I pull this out in public." —Gadget Fanatic

    Get it from Amazon for $10.69+ (available in seven colors).

    31. A car trunk organizer so your whip will look less like a junkyard on wheels and more like something safe enough to actually sit and drive in.

    It looks like a fabric box with separators in it that fits different car items. It also has small slots on the outside of the "box" where things like brushes and scissors are stuck in.

    Promising review: "My wife’s car would be a total pigpen without these. The first one was so nice, I got her a second one. They’re solid and tough and make grocery shopping so much nicer because they hold and contain everything so well." —Mitch

    Get it from Amazon for $29.97 (available in three colors).

    32. A toddler-size storage shelf because YES, you're finally going to defeat one of the fiercest challenges in your house: getting your kids' rooms cleaned in record time. This shelf is also a great aid for encouraging your kids to keep their toys put away on their own.

    It has four shelves which are each filled with four bright containers filled with toys separated neatly in side

    It has 12 standard size open storage plastic bins and four double-size open storage plastic bins.

    Promising review: "Now my daughter can see all of her toys. Before, everything was in the toy box, which itself took up a lot of room, but my daughter only played with the toys at the top. Now that all of her toys are visible, she plays with all of them all the time. I love that the bins are interchangeable too. They don’t have a set spot and can go anywhere." —Rachael_Roc

    Get it on Amazon for $55.99+ (available in three styles and in sets).

    33. A set of velvet hangers so your slipperiest clothes (think silk, satin, and rayon) will stay hung in place and save closet space since they're much thinner than the bulkier plastic hangers.


    Peep what BuzzFeed editor, Emma Lord, has to say about these lovely things:

    "I've used these for YEARS now after I bit the bullet and bought 60 of them, and they not only did everything they promised, but they've held up super well. Plus, nothing makes you feel like you have your life together more than hangers that actually match. Some reviewers note that the flocking has been falling off the hangers for them, but I've only experienced this if I've pulled down on it really hard if I'm in a rush — if you take your clothes off the hanger normally, it should be fine."

    Get a 30-pack from Amazon for $16.49 (available in five colors; free shipping on your first order).

    34. Expandable drawer dividers to keep the peace in your dresser and prevent clothes — especially those pesky bras — from getting tangled.

    a drawer pulled out with three sections created by the separators. The sections include panties, bras, and tees.

    Promising review: "I will never be a person who folds underwear. It's never going to happen. That photo that comes with this product? Not me. But a simple tool like this turned out to be what it takes just to know where things are. Left. Center. Middle. Any organizer made of cloth was out. I wanted something rigid but adjustable. If an organizer has soft sides, it's going to end up underneath the things it's supposed to be separating.

    These fit firmly where I put them and there are no corners to snag clothing or hurt your hand on when you reach into the drawer. It's a well-engineered product. I created three sections to my large top dresser drawer by adding the partitions from front to back. I am so pleased with the difference that I am ordering two more sets so I can do my other drawers also. These OXO dividers cost more than the flimsy ones, but if I wasn't able to buy these, I would just not buy organizers." —SeattleBookMama

    Get them from Amazon for $19.99.

    35. A sloth daily planner and note pad so crafting your to-do lists won't be a big ~to-do~.

    a single sheet from the note pad that has sections to fill out that say "to-do soon," "eventual appointments," "to-do (after a nap)," "errands to run," and "people to contact in due time."

    The notepad has 60 pages. Also, peep what BuzzFeed editor Emma McAnaw thinks of this pad!

    "I have this myself and I love these little guys. They really do motivate me once I'm actually able to list things out! I'm easily overwhelmed but since making these new friends, I feel so much more organized and on top of things."

    Get it from Amazon for $5.95 (free shipping on your first order).

    36. A personal library kit if you're still the brave soul who lets people "borrow" your books. More power to you because I started texting Amazon links instead 😂. Anywho, this'll help you keep track of the who, what, when, and where of your book-lending adventures.

    the kit in a box

    The kit comes with 20 self-adhesive pockets, checkout cards, a date stamp and inkpad, and a pencil.

    Promising review: "Bought as a gift for my best friend who is an aspiring librarian. She's also incredibly generous. People borrow her books then forget they came from her. Now she can mark her territory." —Amanda

    Get it from Amazon for $14.35 and the card refills for $11.99.

    37. Exercise cards to help organize your workout routine, even if you only have a few minutes. This way, you won't waste time bumbling all over your house with no direction.

    the box of cards

    You get 50 cards that include 10 stretches, seven workouts, and a goals and guide card.

    Promising review: "Like many of us, I know I should warm up and stretch before and exercise and cool down and stretch after exercise. Also like many of us, I don't tend to have a good exercise routine or even the best knowledge of what or how to do it, or even the creativity to be able to mix things up. These cards have helped with that. Each card features a picture of an exercise, a description of how to properly perform it, recommended number of reps, and a rating for level of difficulty." —Lance

    Get it from Amazon for $19.97 (also available in Spanish; free shipping on your first order).

    38. A jewelry tree that'll ~leaf~ you so relieved by how pretty your accessories look organized neatly on it compared to the mess it was before.

    BuzzFeed writer Sam Wieder's jewelry tree full of jewelry neatly placed on it. It has three tiers for hanging and a tray at the bottom for other pieces.
    BuzzFeed / Sam Wieder

    Peep what BuzzFeed writer, Sam Wieder, has to say about this tree:

    "Up until a few weeks ago, I kept my jewelry in a small little jewelry box, and every time I would go to grab a necklace or a bracelet, I almost always had to spend extra time untangling it. I wasn't quite sure what to expect from this jewelry tree, but it was cheaper than some of the other options I was considering, so I decided to take a chance, and I'm SO glad I did. Setting it up was really simple and it looks SO NICE on my dresser. I'm able to see my jewelry right in front of me, and I don't have to untangle my necklaces just to get to them. I absolutely adore it!"

    Get it from Amazon for $19.99 (available in three colors).

    39. Red heel-inspired pushpins to ~pump~ up the look of your vision boards while you organize plans for your next big project. Go you, stylish overachiever, you!


    Promising review: "I absolutely love these. I am a shoe lover and it set my board off at work." —Amelia Davenport

    Get them from Amazon for $8 (available in five styles).

    40. A credit card holder that'll keep your most valuable pieces of plastic together in one very pretty place. This way, when you're ready to swipe, they'll be easy to find.

    Bespoke Binny / Etsy

    Heads up: This brand has matching passport holders, too!

    Promising review: "I love the color of this cardholder. It is well made and does the job I bought it for." —Heather

    Get it from Bespoke Binny on Etsy for $15.72 (available in two colors).

    Reviews have been edited for length and/or clarity.

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