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    40 Things To Get If Disorganization Honestly Creeps You Out

    Clutter making you shudder? All of this belongs in your cart.

    1. A magnetic utensil set that'll hold a slotted spatula, spaghetti server, slotted spoon, solid spoon, and a ladle all together while taking up minimal space on your counter and freeing up your drawer space.

    a stack of spoons sitting inside of each other. The stack is standing on the magnetic stand.

    2. Vacuum-sealed bags so your closet goes from being an unnavigable nightmare to looking like an organized dream.

    3. Color-coded cutting board mats to keep foods separated that can contaminate each other (i.e. raw meats away from veggies, please). Because yeah, food poisoning will give everyone at the dinner table the heebiest of jeebies. IYKYK!

    Four color-coded mats no bigger than the traditional folder size that are green, yellow, red, and blue

    4. A magnetic bobby pin tray so you can keep them from showing up in every nook and cranny of your house — you know, where they tend to go and eventually never return.

    a set of bobby pins sitting in a blue container that looks similar to a plastic soap dish

    5. Under-bed storage bins in case clutter is the only Boogeyman you're worried about living under there. You'll never be afraid to look under the bed again!

    6. An internet address and password log book so all your login info will remain in ONE place instead of here, there, and everywhere.

    7. A laundry sorter cart that'll be your file cabinet for clothes so you avoid those monster pile-ups.

    four fabric bags shaped like squares and hanging from a metal frame which is on wheels. The bags read "darks," "whites," "work," and "linens" from left to right.

    8. A breakfast sandwich maker so cooking your first meal of the day will be a smooth, organized process. This gadget will cook every part of your sandwich at the same time so you won't have to finesse different frying pans, forks, spoons, and whatever else for one sandwich.

    9. A weekly meal planning pad to keep track of what's in your fridge, what meals you want to make with it all, and what items you need to buy on your next grocery run.

    two pages from the pad. One has a square blank space for each day of the week and the other has lines for listing grocery items.

    10. A bag-organizing insert for anyone who's as tired of digging into their black hole of a purse as I am. The insert features one large pocket, four small pockets, two zipper pockets, and six mesh pockets that'll ensure that you and I can ~finally~ find what we're looking for.

    11. A desktop stand riser that'll elevate all your stuff for good posture purposes and provide more storage for the keyboard, mouse, notepads, and other desk things. This way, when you're done working, minimizing clutter won't feel like trying to slay a difficult dragon.

    the desktop stand is sitting on a desk. It looks like a mini platform and is made of wood. It has two drawers and space underneath to slide a keyboard under and a notebook.

    12. A mail slot to not only help you keep your mail sorted but will also provide a mini chalkboard for you to write necessary reminders like "Pack your lunch!" or "Turn off the oven." PLUS, it has hooks for keys.

    A small wooden fixture with two slots on top of one another for sticking papers in. Metal hooks for keys are on the bottom. Both slots have a small chalkboard on the front for writing.

    13. Divider sticky notes that'll help you better organize the thoughts you jot down in your journal, planner, or diary. You could also use them to take notes and bookmark pages in your books without damaging the pages.

    14. A staircase wicker basket so you can ~step~ up your home decor AND your de-cluttering game with something unbe~weave~ably stylish.

    The wicker basket is sitting on a carpeted staircase. It's shaped like a square with a corner cut out. That cutout corner is what sits on the steps.

    15. A silverware sorter to give you way more drawer space so you won't face a horrific web of flatware every time you pull the drawer out.

    a skinny, rectangular-shaped plastic container with four different slots for sliding utensils in

    16. A 60-minute visual timer for anyone who could use a lil' more discipline when it comes to organizing daily tasks and getting stuff done. It's also really cool-looking. Don't get caught red-clock-faced wasting time, I guess!

    a timer that has the style of clock but instead of all 12 hours of the day, it has numbers 0 to 55 to count up to an hour. As the clock arms move forward, the time that's already passed is red.

    17. A two-sided tea stand to transform your mountain of tea boxes into one, organized stash so you can grab the exact tea bag you want right when you need it.

    18. A hanger stacker so you'll be able to put your hands on a hanger without having to untangle it from a vine of other ones to get your laundry sorted. Also, admit it. There's something really satisfying about seeing those hangers stacked neatly together.

    19. A dishwasher magnet that'll help you take charge of the "Are they clean or are they not?" conversation in your household and prevent dirty dishes from making their way back into your cabinets.

    It's shaped like an octagon and the top says "dirty" while the bottom says "clean"

    20. A lid organizer so finally, FINALLY you can locate the tops to all of your plastic containers without having to launch a cabinet-wide search party. It'll hold round and square lids up to 9 inches wide and it only takes one minute to set up!

    21. A shower curtain with quick-dry mesh pockets just to keep all your bathroom accoutrements ⁠sorted out and easy to find. It'll also save some counter and cabinet space. Plus, the many compartments will be helpful if you have roommates or guests staying over since they can each have a pocket to store bath time stuff.

    the curtains hanging up with the mesh pockets facing outside of the shower

    22. A U-shaped shelf organizer so your cabinets will no longer be a hot, scary mess.

    23. A Book Lover's Journal to jot down books you want to read next, notes on what you're reading now, a list of books you've borrowed and need to return, your book club info, and even good recs for authors you should check out. You're about to have the most organized reading life ever.

    24. A remote-control organizer so you can prevent the freakout "did the remote disappear forever?" moment that happens every few days. This way, you could spend more time debating which movie or show to watch instead of looking high and low for the remotes.

    An oval-shaped container with four remote controllers standing up inside it

    25. A storage tray for anyone who can't stand toilet top clutter. It'll also bear a cute joke that no one'll mind being the ~butt~ of. Ha!

    it's a wooden, rectangular-shaped box with no top. The note says "nice butt" on the front which is why anyone would be OK with being the "butt" of that joke. Ha ha!

    26. A heavy-duty car trash bag so your car won't be a trash can on wheels.

    27. OR a gorgeous, sleek car trash can that'll fit inside most cup holders and help you keep all car-bage to a minimum.

    28. A clothing folding board so you can get those satisfyingly precise storefront-style folds every single time.

    29. Cable clips to solve all the ~discord~ with the messy cords in your house. These'll also prevent them from being snatched around and potentially catching a short.

    the clip looks like a tiny ball, but has a a slit down the center for easily sliding a cord through

    30. A travel organizer case — speaking of cords — to keep ones you need to use safe, sound, and together whenever you're out dipping and doing life.

    31. A car trunk organizer so your whip will look less like a junkyard on wheels and more like something safe enough to actually sit and drive in.

    It looks like a fabric box with separators in it that fits different car items. It also has small slots on the outside of the "box" where things like brushes and scissors are stuck in.

    32. A toddler-size storage shelf because YES, you're finally going to defeat one of the fiercest challenges in your house: getting your kids' rooms cleaned in record time. This shelf is also a great aid for encouraging your kids to keep their toys put away on their own.

    It has four shelves which are each filled with four bright containers filled with toys separated neatly in side

    33. A set of velvet hangers so your slipperiest clothes (think silk, satin, and rayon) will stay hung in place and save closet space since they're much thinner than the bulkier plastic hangers.

    34. Expandable drawer dividers to keep the peace in your dresser and prevent clothes — especially those pesky bras — from getting tangled.

    a drawer pulled out with three sections created by the separators. The sections include panties, bras, and tees.

    35. A sloth daily planner and note pad so crafting your to-do lists won't be a big ~to-do~.

    a single sheet from the note pad that has sections to fill out that say "to-do soon," "eventual appointments," "to-do (after a nap)," "errands to run," and "people to contact in due time."

    36. A personal library kit if you're still the brave soul who lets people "borrow" your books. More power to you because I started texting Amazon links instead 😂. Anywho, this'll help you keep track of the who, what, when, and where of your book-lending adventures.

    the kit in a box

    37. Exercise cards to help organize your workout routine, even if you only have a few minutes. This way, you won't waste time bumbling all over your house with no direction.

    the box of cards

    38. A jewelry tree that'll ~leaf~ you so relieved by how pretty your accessories look organized neatly on it compared to the mess it was before.

    BuzzFeed writer Sam Wieder's jewelry tree full of jewelry neatly placed on it. It has three tiers for hanging and a tray at the bottom for other pieces.

    39. Red heel-inspired pushpins to ~pump~ up the look of your vision boards while you organize plans for your next big project. Go you, stylish overachiever, you!