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    33 Things You'll Prob Love Now That You're Starting To Like Cooking

    Is that you? In the kitchen? It's truly a new day. 🤣🍽️

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    So raise your hand if you were pandemic-years old when you actually started trying to cook regularly... and... liking it?

    1. An automatic pan stirrer with a timer so you minimize wrist work even when you're increasing your time standing at the stove making cool new meals. Look at you, being dang-near professional. Where's your cooking show?!

    the automatic stirrer in a pan

    2. Chic pot holders to keep around for the sake of safe fingers *and* style. They're just big enough for tops and handles but small enough so you'll see exactly what you're grabbing.

    3. A stunning embossed rolling pin because, sure you've been upping the baking — but now you're about to step your cookies up, word to Nicki Minaj (and gorgeous, delicious cookies).

    the wooden rolling pin with embossment designs engraved in it to impress upon the cookies and cookies in a bowl with designs on them from the pin

    4. A sous vide — one fantastical gadget that'll ensure you never over- or undercook your food ever again. Just stick this baby in a pot of water with your preferred meat in a freezer bag. It'll cook it at the perfect temperature and your food'll be *chef's kiss*.

    5. Home Chef — because believe me, finally starting to like cooking doesn't mean you'll have the energy to plan and shop for it every single day. Enter, a food service that'll send ingredients for full, quick-to-fix meal kits for your oven and slow-cooker — plus fresh salads and whatever else you want to eat that suits your lifestyle.

    meatballs with peas, potatoes and gravy

    6. A fun pancake mold because once the kid in your life gets over the initial shock of you actually factually being in the kitchen more — they'll want you to fix food that's as cool for them as it is for you. Intro 'em to pancakes shaped like butterflies 🦋, dinosaurs 🦕, and rockets 🚀, oh my!

    7. And! A pancake mixer bottle that'll make it super easy to mix, pour, and fry several batches of pancakes faster.

    hand holding a bottle full of batter and pouring out pancake circles onto a griddle

    8. Natural, flavored syrup to make breakfast and brunch meals a much fancier, schmancier situation. You could also put this stuff in your coffee, tea, ice cream, and whatever else you like to drizzle syrup, love, and happiness onto.

    9. KitchenAid shears — because once you discover that cutting up chicken strips, stir fry beef, and sausages is a boom-boom-done situation when you use 'em, you'll never wanna go back. These. Your drawer. Now. YW. 😘

    10. A meatball maker that'll help you make loads of round, meaty greatness much faster. You will definitely be a meatball-making machine at the house with this. The seasoning's up to you but this gadget has the quantity situation handled.

    beef with seasoning and veggies that has been packed into the meatball maker

    11. Oven liners to prevent any buildup of crumbs and other food drippings while you increase that oven usage on your way to pro-baking status.

    12. Modern, minimalist labels so you can organize and pretty up that kitchen of yours and make it your own. (Yea, it's been your own but now you go in there more so it's your own-own. 🤣)

    white labels with black all caps writing on a variety of different kitchen containers like "pasta," "oats," "can sugar," and more

    13. A crab spoon holder to rest on the edge of your hot pots to prevent your spoon from getting too warm while you cook or from having to fish it out of a hot pot after it's fallen in there.

    14. A shrimp peeler so you can peel and de-vein those delectable crustaceans in one swoop. Seafood boil, here you come!

    the deveiner sitting beside a plate of shrimp. it is shaped like a pair of scissors but has a curved tip.

    15. The ULTIMATE apron that'll provide extra protection from splashes and come with loads of pockets, a handy conversion chart, and (probs, most amazingly) built-in oven mitts!

    16. Meat shredders for when you want to pull off the rootinest tootinest pulled pork (turkey, beef, or chicken) meal you've ever had in your life. (Psst... I've decided that's cowboy speak for VERY FREAKING DELICIOUS AND PERFECT.)

    model's hands shredding chicken with the shredders which look a lot like thick plastic rakes for food

    17. A massive pot set (as in 20 pieces!!!) that'll come with literally everything you need to make whatever meals you dream up. The cookware pieces also have cool, small features that'll make a big impact while you're cooking — like a space for pouring directly from the pot and Thermo-Spot heat indicators.

    18. Annnnd a pan and lid organizer rack (ya know, now that you feel confident enough to invest in more pans) to keep countertop clutter at bay and your most-used ones super close.

    The white rack with silver dividers holding pans and cutting boards vertically

    19. A thaw claw to hold frozen meat packs down in the sink so they don't float to the top and take forever and a day to defrost. So, when you (inevitably) forget to take out meat to cook and you (inevitably) have to thaw it in hot water, you'll still be able to minimize defrost time.

    20. A 48-needle meat tenderizer to make "heat channels" in your meat and reduce cooking time by about 40%. Mmhmm. Your meat is bound to be tender, juicy, and very, very tasty.

    model's hand pressing the meat tenderizer to a slap of beef

    21. A hamburger press that'll help you bang out burgers that are, well, BANGIN'! It's designed to help you shape them to perfection AND stuff 'em with veggies and cheesy goodness. This, my people, is the key to heaven. Dishwasher-safe, no less.

    the left side shows a burger with tomatoes, lettuce, onions, and ketchup. The right side is the same burger with a bite taken out of it. There's cheese spilling from inside of the burger. This, my friend, is food porn epitomized.

    22. Three-piece dough press set so you can fill your beloved empanadas, calzones, and more with your preferred delectable fillings — then press it perfectly.

    23. A small cast-iron skillet — yup, like the larger, battle-tested one your grandmother prob cooked dang near everything in growing up. It's the perfect size for quickly making smaller meals.

    24. Pan scrapers to clean up after cooking with way less muscle work. The scrapers have four differently-shaped edges so you can remove the gunk from any size pan.

    25. Kitchen towels to swipe away messes quickly and for the love of cleanliness and good order, you'd better switch these bad boys at LEAST once a week. They're also super cute (one says don't go ~bacon~ my heart~. Come on. That's perfect. 😭)

    eight kitchen towels that are white wiht one colorful item on it and a quote. ONe says "Let's give them something to taco 'bout" with a taco underneath

    26. A food processor that'll cut, slice, dice, crinkle, mince, or puree whatever you need. This baby will make hummus, peanut butter, pesto, veggie burger "meat" (🍔 ahead), and more. It might even autopay your bills but don't hold me to that one.

    first pic shows the veggies grinded in the processor, the second image shows the burgers in the frying pan that were made with the stuff from the processor, and the third is the bean burger on a bun with condiments

    27. Smoked bacon chipotle sea salt for anyone who'll stop loving the flavor of bacon ~when pigs fly.~ I'm with ya. This sea salt will def earn its keep in your cabinet. You'll be able to make bacon-flavored EVERYTHING and well, that's a dang good life.

    28. A set of spices in case you get stuck on how to ~spice~ up the new meals you experiment with and go beyond your traditional palate.

    box of five seasoning bottles

    29. A stackable, expandable spice rack to organize all the new spices you'll be adding to your collection AND grant space back in your cabinets that you had no clue you even needed.

    30. A floral reversible dishwasher magnet since there'll inevitably be more dishes to clean as you make more meals. Cue the dishwasher, love! This'll alert the whole house about what's what with the dishes so you won't accidentally grab a dirty pot to cook in. *shudders at the thought*

    A magnet with floral watercolor that says "clean" on one side and "dirty" on the other

    31. The Ninja 4-Quart Air Fryer to help you make all of your favorite meals much faster, without all the unnecessary oil and need to stand over a hot stove that traditional frying requires.

    32. OR a Ninja grill air fryer for anyone who'll always want those grilled lines and most importantly, that smoky, grilled taste.

    33. A cutting board so you can cut your meats and catch the juices on one side thanks to an angled design and spikes to help hold the meat in place. The other side will be for everything else you need to prep so everything stays separated until they need to come together in your meal.

    Reviews have been edited for length and/or clarity.

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