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33 Cozy Things So You'll Actually Enjoy Your College Dorm

Even your RA will be jealous of your spot after hooking it up this good. 🤪

We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page if you decide to shop from them. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

1. A princess-style sheer canopy because sure, you'll be sleeping in a bed that's half the size of the one you have at home but that doesn't mean you can't still sleep like royalty. 👑 🛌

a reviewer's bed with a sheer canopy hanging over it with string lights on the wall behind it

Promising review: "It's exactly like the picture. Fits a twin to full-size bed. It will hang from an 8-ft ceiling. It's very delicate but super easy to install. It took less than five minutes to set up and it comes in a little carrying case for when you want to put it away. It comes with a 10-ft cord and a hook with anchor. No additional hardware needed to install." —Funbuy

Get it from Amazon for $22.99.

2. An affirmative comforter to remind you that "Good things are coming" because of course they are, you fabulous college student you!

Typutopia / Society6

Get it from the Typutopia shop on Society6 for $87.99+ (available in sizes twin to king).

3. A BedJet 3 Climate Comfort that'll basically turn your dorm bedding into the perfect cozy place — without you freezing OR overheating at night. This baby'll cool, warm, OR dry your sweat right in your bed — and will do so for any bed or mattress size.

The BedJet 3 Climate Comfort under a bed

The BedJet 3 works on a powered ventilation cooling system that wicks body heat and moisture right outta your bed so you can focus on sweet — and not sweat! — dreams.

Promising review: "This is the first time I have ever been moved to write a review on Amazon but this is the single most amazing product if you sleep hot! This thing WORKS and it is saving my life! It only took a NASA engineer to solve my propensity to burst into to flames every night at 2 a.m.!" —Matthes

Get it from Amazon for $499 (available in two styles).

4. A fluffy faux-fur rug to upgrade your basic dorm room chair (or, ya know, just the floor) to something a tad more glam.,

Promising review: "I bought this to cover up the ugly desk chair that came with my dorm. I love it! It's really soft and luxurious, plus it doesn't shed. When you first get it, there are some creases from how it was packaged, but you just have to fluff it up and they go away." —Kelsie Thomas

Get it from Amazon for $17.99+ (available in seven sizes, four shapes, and eight colors).

5. A set of blackout curtains you may want over the window to block out that early morning sun when you need extra recovery time from those late nights.

the blackout curtains in gray over a window

Promising review: "We recently moved into a new home, which is about a mile or two from a major interstate. We didn't really realize how noisy it was until night time when all the trucks are going down it. There is just an open field between us and the highway. I was skeptical when I purchased these curtains that they would actually block very much sound. I know layering up bath towels can block almost all the sound, but it's also really ugly. These curtains reduced the interstate noise to just a low hum. I was actually able to get some sleep last night." —John Samwore

Get it from Amazon for $16.01+ (available in14 sizes and 22 colors).

6. Or? An entire light curtain to give your dorm a literal wall of lights for a super-cozy glow when you're hanging out at night.

The curtain is waterproof, has eight light settings controlled by a remote, and can be used indoors or outdoors. Layer the light strings with sheer curtains to add to your room's ambiance. By the way, lots of reviewers noted that these curtains can be difficult to hang up by yourself because the lights get tangled but many shared a hack: Don't untie the long lights from each other until you've already hung up the curtain.

Promising review: "I am so in love with these lights! They were so easy to put up (took me about five minutes). They add such beauty to my room. I am so happy with this purchase." —Amazon Customer

Get it from Amazon for $17.99+ and the sheer curtains for $13.59+ (available in 16 sizes and 19 colors).

7. A Rumpl fleece throw blanket that'll come with cape clips so you can wrap yourself in it and keep it wrapped — hands-free. Warning: Once you curl up in this, you'll probs be in for the night.

the grey and cream striped blanket over a person's kneews who's sitting on a couch

It's made by a small business called Rumpl based in Portland, Oregon, that actually specializes in blankets that are suitable for the outdoors. (Although be clear babes: This is an indoor blanket; just gotta give you all the tea on the brand.) The brand's outdoor/indoor puffy blanket was actually featured on Shark Tank, BTW. 

Get the fleece blanket from Rumpl on Amazon for $59

Annnd, if you wanna know more about the outdoor version, check out this full Rumpl outdoor puffy blanket review!

8. A candle warmer so you get the cozy vibe of candles without actually lighting a flame. (No flames allowed in dorms or apartments, ya know!),

You can sit a smaller wax melt or an ENTIRE candle on top of this baby to get the fragrance going in your dorm. 

Promising review: "When I was shopping for a candle warmer, I decided first and foremost that I wanted to be able to use it for both candles and wax melts and this was the one that caught my eye. So far I love it! I’ve had it for two days and at this point in time I’ve only used it for candles but it works wonderfully. It’s a very good look that matches the rest of my room with the soft grey color. I would definitely gift one of these to my mom if she didn’t already have a ton of candle warmers." —Alive & Kickin

Get it from Amazon for $17.80.

9. And! Eucalyptus wax melts to set on top of your warmer to put a scent in the air that'll give your dorm a spa-like feel.

size wax melts in a eucalyptus mint scent
I Just Make Scents / Etsy

The melts are hand-poured by I Just Make Scents, a family-owned business based in Lexington, North Carolina!

Get a pack of six melts from I Just Make Scents on Etsy for $10.49.

10. Wireless sleep headphones that'll play white noise or whatever music you'd like to catch some ZZZs to — all inside a headband that'll fit comfortably around you so you lay comfortably and block out your loud roommate.,

Promising review: "I am so impressed with this product! I need noise all night but the TV wakes my husband up if I leave it on. I put these on when I go to sleep and listen to a show or podcast. I am sleeping better than I have in ages. I don’t hear my teens as they clomp up and down the stairs or even my husband when he gets up through the night. I’m a small woman and I was worried they wouldn’t stay on but I can move through the night and they stay in place. The headphones part isn’t uncomfortable when I sleep on my side. I would highly recommend this!" —Jessica Derby

Get it from Amazon for $18.99 (available in three colors; free shipping; free one-day shipping with Prime).

11. A piercing pillow with a donut shape so you can still get that sweet side sleep even with a freshly pierced ear. No more tossing, turning, and straining your neck all night to prevent ear irritation.

model holding a yellow circular pillow with a hole in the middle for your ear to reset

Clutch right? Perf for you college kiddos who ran to the piercing shop the moment you tasted freedom outside of your parent's place. 

Get it from Studs for $24.

12. Smart plug-ins to help you turn devices on and off using an app on your phone! You'll also be able to set timers for when you want devices to shut off when you're not in your dorm. Time for lights out? You don't even have to move!,

These plug-ins are compatible with Alexa, too, so yeah, you might be able to just say, "Alexa, turn off my lamp," when you're ready to turn lights out for bedtime or, "Alexa, turn off my flat iron," to save your dorm from burning down. The free app Gosund is compatible with mobile devices IOS 8.0 above, Android 4.4 above.

Promising review: "These little mini sockets are awesome!!! I tried two other brands of smartsockets but these are by far the best I’ve tried. All I did is download the app, open it, plug the socket in, waited a few seconds for the little blue light to flash...then the app asks me to accept and then I can change the name of the socket, then click, bam, boom! Done! They can be up and running in literally seconds. They are amazing. So far they work flawlessly." —Harper Lee III

Get them from Amazon for $24.99 (free shipping; available in a four-pack).

13. A gorgeous mason jar fairy light that'll give your space an ✨enchanting✨ touch.

the three jars of lights
StellarLaneDesigns / Etsy

England-based StellarLaneDesigns sells useful handmade decor like pots, vases, and fairy lights.

Get it from StellarLaneDesigns for $17.15+ (available in three sizes, multipacks, and in four lid colors).

14. Satin pillowcases to add some elegance to your dorm room. They'll also help you sleep soundly knowing your hair will likely remain frizz-free and your skin won't be victimized by the tough cotton pillowcases that can cause breakage and breakouts.


Promising review: "Life-changing! I was originally looking for silk pillowcases but decided to give these a try because they were a better price. I am not disappointed! I have seen a noticeable difference in my hair in the mornings. Overall, they are so smooth and comfortable to sleep on. I’ve washed them several times and haven’t seen a difference in the quality. I would buy again." —Kate

Get them from Amazon for $9.99+ (available in a set of two, 24 colors, and three sizes).

15. A cute lil' cushioned dish chair for extra seating in your dorm when you're not trying to lay up in the bed but also don't wanna sit in an office chair either. And it's foldable for easy storage!

circular cushion in pink chair with foldable legs

Get it from Target for $30 (available in three colors).

16. A bed rest pillow with arms and an adjustable head cushion so your neck and back can relax properly as you WFB (work from bed).

on the left, a person leans on the pillow with its headrest propped up. on the right, a mom leans on a pillow with headrest turned down. A quote from the mom says, "I can play all night and day on the floor with my daughter without my back aching."

Several reviewers noted that this was the winning pillow for them after trying a bunch of different ones to soothe their back and neck discomfort.

Promising review: "I had been looking for a reading/backrest pillow for a while and nothing was right about any of the others that I found. I loved the features on this one so I ordered it and I could not be happier! The price was great and the quality is outstanding. The removable cover is heavy duty but so soft and not stiff at all. I love that it comes with a neck roll that can be secured in place by means of loops and buttons that don't interfere with comfort in any way. There's a wide pocket in the back that will hold books and magazines, and another on one of the arms. The very best thing is the memory foam filling! The pillow arrived very firm and heavy, which would be great for many people. I wanted it to be less firm. With this pillow, it's easy to adjust to whatever firmness or softness that you are comfortable with since the inner pillow has a zipper at the bottom so you can remove or add the stuffing... The company also has more foam available if you want! I'm thrilled with this and would recommend it to anyone! Five stars are not enough!" —L.S. Floyd

Get the pillow and cover from Amazon for $79.95 or just the pillow for $59.95.

17. An essential-oil diffuser to give your room a soft, soothing scent and a pretty nightlight.

Promising review: "This is a beast of a diffuser in terms of scent, mist, and the large area in which it diffuses!!! I have owned several diffusers and this one is my favorite. It uses less essential oils, I like the amount of time that it lasts (which is all day), and it diffuses my entire large living room and hallway easily with only a couple of drops of essential oil." —Heather M.

Get it from Amazon for $26.99 (available in four styles).

18. A faux-cowhide rug that'll give your dorm a very put-together look. There's even one with gold flecks in it in case you're in the ~moooooo~d for something a lil' more gilded.,

Promising review: "I have owned huge, real hides in the past and paid $500 to $700. I ordered this hoping it would be cute but worried a bit that it would look cheap. Well, it is Amazon, so I knew I could return it and made the leap. SOOOOOO HAPPY I did! It looks real and the gold adds such whimsy! I sprayed with a water/stain repellent and laid the little beauty in my kitchen. Looks AWESOME! My home is mid-century modern with gorgeous high-end pieces and art. This lovely gem is on my tile floor adds such warmth and joy. When the light comes through the windows and lights up the gold, I cannot help but smile! Amazing and fun! LOVE!!!!! Would ABSOLUTELY purchase over and over and over! Perfection!" —Frog Hop

Get it from Amazon for $46.58+ (available in three sizes and colors).

19. A gel-enhanced seat cushion to give your tush the TLC it deserves when you spend hours studying. It's specifically designed to support your tailbone to minimize the sharp pain that often comes with all that on your bum.

gel and memory foam cushion placed on an office chair

I got this for my mom who experiences sciatic joint pain that makes sitting down for long periods of time an incredibly painful chore. This cushion had SO many good reviews from people who described experiencing the same pain so I got it for my mom for Christmas. She uses it every single day and has told me on several occasions that this cushion is a BIG help for her. She also likes to bring this with her on long car rides so I'm def planning to order a second one that she can just keep in the car so she won't forget it.

Promising review: "I love this cushion so much I just bought a second one. I’m a short lady and this boosts me about 2 inches in the driver's seat in my car. I used it driving 2,000 miles from Phoenix, Arizona, to Grand Rapids, Michigan, and back this year and it was wonderful. No back pain, fatigue, or sciatica while using it. I love that it has the cutout for the tailbone, too, since mine slightly protrudes. I just bought another one to use in the house too. I'm leaving one in the car. Holds up well and retains its shape nicely and I love that it has a removable washable cover too." —Srossrn

Get it from Amazon for $35.95 (available in two colors).

20. A vibrant pillow to add some extra personality to the twin bed or desk chair in your dorm.

Trinigee / Etsy

This cool pillow was designed by a Houston, Texas–based shop that's also Black- and woman-owned! You'll find a TON of home goods, apparel, and accessories — all with cool, colorful original designs. The pillow features a zip-off cover so you can wash this baby whenever you need to without losing the shape.

Get the pillow on the left from Tringee on Etsy for $38.90 or the one on the right for $38.90+.

21. Organic linen spray so you can snuggle into sheets that smell like freshly washed linens if you haven't had time to do actual laundry this week between classes. 😬 A few spritzes will buy your nose a lil' extra time. 😏

the bottle of spray
Herba Botanicals / Etsy

Herba Botanicals is a small business based in Charleston, South Carolina, that specializes in plant-based smell goods including organic oils, skincare, cleaners, and more.

Promising review: "Any time I wanna freshen up my room and it’s not time to wash my sheets just yet, I use this linen spray. It smells delightful and I can appreciate that all ingredients in it are all organic. Great product and was shipped promptly. Thank you so much!" —Marcy

Get it from Herba Botanicals on Etsy for $25 OR let your nose test it out for only $2

22. A handmade bubbly ottomon to keep those feet propped and give your dorm the feel of a chic apartment in the city.

Etsy / Suuna Design

Sunna Design is a small business based in Latvia. The brand specializes in floor pillows, mats, rugs, and stools featuring their signature bubbly style.

Promising review: "I LOVE this ottoman! I purchased in Ochre and it's gorgeous. Excellent communication, and the ottoman rocks. It looks amazing in my space and is super comfy. Wonderful fun statement piece!" —Rubybeck

Get it from Sunna Design on Etsy for $201.93+ (available in three sizes and 15 colors).

23. A small yet super–eye-catching bud vase to bring some color to your spot. These are small enough to easily fit on a windowsill or to brighten up your desk in your dorm without taking up too much space.

Sun Sprinkles Shop / Etsy

Get these small ones from the Sun Sprinkles Shop on Etsy for $45+ OR get the larger versions for $60+ (both sizes available in four different styles).

24. A two-sided tea stand to transform your mountain of tea boxes into one organized stash so you can grab the exact tea bag you want right when you need a warm mug to hold on to when you're curled up in your bed.

This stand holds 100 tea bags and features 12 slots.

Promising review: "Do I really need a tea bag organizer? That's what I was thinking when I ordered this. And when I took it out of the box. And when I filled the first little bag holder. But, as the pile of empty boxes grew larger, I knew the answer was yes, I do need a tea bag organizer. I was using a whole shelf and a half of jumbled tea boxes which I had to sift through to look for a specific tea. In the end, I think this held about eight or nine boxes of tea bags (I crammed some of them). I am so happy that I got this!" —Sarah C.

Get it from Amazon for $23.14.

25. And! An adorable handmade cozy so you can grip your mug of tea (or coffee!) without burning your fingers.

kit cover with a button to close it wrapped around a mug
Nandy's Nook / Etsy

Promising review: "I got each of my college roommates one of these for Christmas, and they love them!! They are the perfect size, very high quality, and adorable on top of that. 😊 They came in really cute holiday bags, so I didn’t even have to wrap them! And they shipped very quickly, too. Highly recommend, it makes a great gift!" —Happylizzie11

Get it from the Nandy's Nook shop on Amazon Handmade for $12.95 or on Etsy for $12.95 (available with personalization on the wooden button).

26. A mug warmer to keep coffee warm while you kick it in the room. Because everyone knows, coffee will always be best sipped over time without having to hop up and microwave it in the community kitchen every 30 minutes.

A pink mug of coffee that says "Rise & thrive" sitting on top of a pink heated small plate

Promising review: "I have had my coffee warmer for about two weeks now and use it pretty much every day during the workweek. I am a big coffee drinker (several cups before noon) and this little thing keeps my coffee nice and warm — even hot. I have no complaints and am very happy with it. I spent a lot of time looking for a coffee mug warmer but kept reading so many negative reviews that I couldn’t decide. A friend had ordered this one and recommended it to me. I am very glad that I bought it and I have purchased a couple as stocking stuffers for the holidays. I recommend it. You won’t be disappointed." —RMBL

Get it from Amazon for $22.99 (available in six styles).

27. A gorgeous geode planter that'll also double as a tea light holder if you're not the plant-lovin' type. (But use the LED tea lights, please, peeps!)

hand holding a platnholder made of cement with a geode design in the middle and gold trim

It's from Tal & Bert — a family-owned and Black-owned small business based in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, that specializes in the most beautiful geode planters you ever did see.

Promising review: "Fits in the palm of my hand, perfect to set on my nightstand. I love having the option of placing a small candle or plant inside. The amethyst is so gorgeous, thank you!" —Alyssa Ann

Get it from Tal & Bert on Etsy for $32+ (also available with plant or candle) and don't forget: LED tea lights only in the dorm.

28. A cordless, wooden phone speaker to put on your desk that'll amplify the sound from your phone with zero wires, batteries, or power sources! You can even personalize it to make it extra unique.

The phone speaker with the name "NATHAN" on it, playing music from Spotify on an iPhone
themanregistry / Etsy

Promising review: "Fantastic wooden cellphone speaker! The amplification of sound is truly amazing, very rich. Beautifully made and engraved by a true craftsman. Shipped very quickly. I think my son is going to love this. I know I do. Certainly plan on buying more as birthday gifts for other music lovers and maybe even one for myself. I certainly will check out this artisan's other work." —M.E.

Get it from The Man Registry on Etsy for $34.95.

29. Plush coasters so your nightstand and desk stay in tip-top shape when you sip from your drinks. And more importantly? You'll have some cute lil' images in your room adding extra color and fun.

Les Voeux Studio / Etsy

These cool coasters are from Les Voeux Studio, a small shop based in Istanbul, Turkey! You'll also find a couple of really unique, handmade hoodies with whimsy designs in the shop, too. Plus, the shop takes custom orders!

Promising review: "Super-cute design and fantastic customer service! Made a lovely addition to my room, just something bright, cute, and affordable to liven up the place." —Gizem

Get them from Les Voeux Studio on Etsy for $13.50 each (write your preferred styles and colors in the personalization box).

30. A light-up Pokémon terrarium — home to a Charmander that's obviously gotta catch some ZZZs. It's ridiculously cute and this'll be one pocket monster you'll gladly never, ever have to let out for battle.

the light-up Pokeball terrarium
Happy Finding Store / Etsy

Happy Finding Store is a Hong Kong–based shop with a handful of different Pokemon-themed terrariums. If Charmander isn't your favorite, there's also Pikachu, Snorlax, Squirtle, and more. PS: If you order one with a light, it comes with a remote that allows you to set it to eight different brightnesses/modes.

Promising review: "I love this so much!! It’s super cute and unique and it came without any damage! The packaging is adorable but very protective and I love the extras it came with! My boyfriend is going to love this!!" —Sara

Get it from Happy Finding Store for $52.29+ (originally $65.88; available with or without light; free shipping).

31. A foot hammock so you can kick your feet up and still relax during those dorm study sessions.

a model using the foot hammock under their desk

It can be fastened on pretty much any kind of desk.

Promising review: "This works in multiple positions and with multiple desks. I use mine daily. The quality is great and it looks sharp under my white desk. The only bump I ran into was first installing it; you need to tie a knot in the rope over the adjuster. This prevents the rope from slipping and lowering it when putting your feet on it. It's a great purchase and really makes a difference in my legs and feet. Although sometimes it may relax me a little too much because I have started to doze a few times while using this!" —Kendall Forsythe

Get it from Amazon for $21.78.

32. A beautiful "High on Life" tapestry to add some easy-to-remove wall art to your dorm room.

a tapestry hanging on a wall in a bedroom featuring a person with long purple hair blowing out smoke that's actually flowers
Norman Duenas / Society 6

This lovely design was made by Phillippines-born and California-based graphic artist Norman Duenas. This tapestry design also comes in poster form in case you prefer that. 

Get it from the Norman Duenas shop on Society6 for $26.99.

33. A waffle-knit blanket set made with a linen-cotton blend meant to keep you cozy while remaining breathable so you don't overheat.

brown linen blanket on a bed with matching linen pillowcases on the pillows

Magic Linen is a family-owned brand based in Lithuania that also sources its materials from other locally based, family-owned brands. Also, you'll be happy to know that Magic Linen takes custom orders!

Promising review (cinnamon waffle blanket): "We now own the waffle blanket in two colors — the dusty rose and the cinammon — and we are obsessed with both. Amazing quality, comfort, and style." —Brittney Y.

Get the cinnamon waffle blanket from Magic Linen for $149 (available in two bed sizes).

Reviews have been edited for length and/or clarity.

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