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    I Have A Rumpl Puffy Blanket And Recommend It For Anyone Who Likes Chilling Outside All Year Long

    Durable, light, warm, *and* machine washable...incredible :')

    Hi, I'm Rachel, and two of the things I love most in the entire world are laying down and being outside. I foolishly used to think that those didn't go together so well, but after getting a Rumpl Original Puffy Blanket ($99+ on Amazon), I learned that they go together like PB&J.

    the writer laying sitting with a leg extended on a green puffy blanket

    Indeed, this blanket makes chilling in the grass an all-the-more happy occasion since you won't get itchy-scratchy legs and can just enjoy the great outdoors. I've had many a picnic on mine.

    the writer having a picnic on the blanket

    It's nice and light and folds up into a cute little bundle in its included stuff sack (or any other bag you have on-hand), making it perfect for car camping trips, or bringing to the park or a friend's place for an outdoor visit. And don't worry, you don't need to fold it perfectly to get it in there — cramming will do just fine.

    The Rumpl is made of ripstop polyester fabric (that's 100% recycled, btw!), which makes it slippy, meaning dirt, leaves, sand, food if you're picnicking, and anything else wipes right off.

    But if you get it *really* dirty or just want to ensure it's clean as a whistle, Rumpl is machine washable *and* dryer-safe! I've washed and dried mine lots of times and it always comes out looking brand-new!

    the writer's muddy blanket going into the washer

    To really test this, I literally wiped mud all over mine this morning and ran it through the washer and dryer to make sure I wasn't making up how easy the Rumpl is to clean. Check it out — the mud is all gone and it's looking like new!

    And you might be thinking "Rachel, summer is sadly almost done, outdoor time is over, I won't be able to use this until next year," uhhhh think again, since it's floofy synthetic insulation (also 100% recycled!) makes it super warm, so it's incredibly useful when sitting around a winter bonfire or taking a little fall excursion.

    the writer's puffy blanket folded and captioned "nice and lofty"

    They're a little pricey starting at $99 for a one-person blanket, but I've had mine for a few years now and know I'll have it for many more to come. Considering how sturdy, versatile, washable, and warm it is, I think that's a fair price for what you get.

    the writer laying on the floor wrapped in the blanket with a speech bubble saying "I love Rumpl blankets"

    Think Rumpl might be a fit for you? Get one from Amazon for $99+ (available in one- or two-person sizes and nine colors and patterns). You can also shop all of the Rumpl options at REI (get those sweet sweet rewards if you're an REI Co-Op Member!) or directly on Rumpl's site.

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