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    Bellesa Boutique Is Having A Major Sale, So It's Time To Bring Sex Toys Home For The Holidays

    "Merry Christmas." "Sex toys on sale." Same difference, right?

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    Sex toys are on sale at Bellesa Boutique for the holidays and it's my pleasure to, well, encourage you to gift yourself with some pleasure. 'Tis the season to literally get your freak on!

    Excited yet?! The next deets might push you over the edge because it involves free toys.

    1. A G-spot and clitoral vibrator with seven vibration modes and an LED lightbar to coincide with each one. The entire toy is controlled by a single button that'll power it on and off and change the vibrations. Sigh. Have no shame if getting yours in this super uncomplicated way is the best part of your day.

    a hand laying on the bed holding the vibrator which is shaped like a skinny cucumber with a slight bend.

    2. A cock ring that'll put a sweet hold on the D while delivering clitoral stimulation so you both get good vibrations while enjoying each other.

    3. A G-spot and clit stimulator that vibrates at both tips and has a curved design meant to fit your body. It features seven vibration modes that you can switch in and out of with a single button.

    4. The Divine Thrusting Vibrator + Wheel Stroker that honestly looks like, "What the hell is this?" at first glance because when have wheels and vibrators ever been in the same sentence or picture? Today. It'll vibrate and mimic real thrusting motions and that wheel? It's there to drive your clitoris wild in the process. Translation: You don't have to hope for it or even wait too long. Your orgasm is COMING. Literally.

    a vibrator that's shaped like a penis on one end (with ridges just under the "tip") on one end and that has a wheel on the other end.

    5. A couples vibrator designed to help you enhance playtime with your mate. It's a hands-free device with a remote control and 10 vibration modes.

    6. A powerful jack rabbit toy meant to stimulate the G-spot via a thrusting motion while it tends to the clit via its "rabbit ears." The vibrator has seven vibration modes and three thrusting modes.

    7. A wireless bullet vibrator and lace panties set that comes with a remote control that also vibrates so you basically get two toys in one. The bullet is small but has 15 vibration speeds so the ride can be as fast or as slow as you (and the person you invite to control it) want it to be. And the panties? Well, they're cute as hell so you can wear those for nasty time or just whenever you feel like donning sexy lace.

    A black lace thong with the sides that tie into bows. The remote control and vibrator are sitting beside them.

    8. A clit stimulating vibrator made with pressure wave technology that you can use HANDS-FREE. Literally, just sit this cutie up against your love button, throw your head back, and it'll guide the ride from there.

    9. A kegel ball set to help you work out your vagina and strengthen your pelvic muscles. It's meant to help you build up a wildly satisfying grip ~and~ achieve more intense orgasms in the long-run. The set comes with interchangeable balls in different weights and a pretty pink storage bag.

    10. Menstrual cups because there's more than one way you'll need to take care of your vagina. The cups have a bell-shaped curve to fit the body perfectly and ergonomic rims to prevent leakage.

    11. A long-distance masturbation toy set for couples that'll definitely help absence make the heart (vag and penis, obvs) grow fonder. Yup. You read right. This thing is NEXT-DAMN-LEVEL and features two toys: One G-spot vibrator and one dick masturbator.

    A long black vibrator and a black dick massager that's shaped like a rectangular case.

    12. A traveling clit stimulator for anyone whose kink is being able to get their swerve on alone while hiding in plain sight. Yea. Just stick this baby in your undies and use the remote control to send yourself to paradise at your whims. It contorts to your body so it'll be comfy to wear down under while you're out and about. It also stays in place with a slip-proof magnet!

    13. A butt plug set for anyone interested in a little booty play. It comes in three different sizes so you can pick and choose whatever you're ready for whether you're a beginner or a tush-plugging OG.

    Three butt plugs organized from tallest to shortest.

    14. The We-Vibe Melt suction toy that'll use air pressure at 12 different intensities to provide clitoral stimulation while you enjoy your partner. It can also be controlled by an app so your partner can give you a good time remotely whenever you two can't be together.

    This is a long, curved toy that has a hole at the very top which you would put over your clitoris for the suctioning feeling.

    15. The Womanizer Liberty clitoral stimulator that'll likely create the first time ever that you'll actually want to be womanized. It loves on the clitoris using air pressure that'll create a sucking sensation. Plus, it's designed specifically for travel and what an entertaining travel buddy it'll be.

    A clitoral stimulator that's a curved oval shape (kind of like a tiny computer mouse) with a hole at one end that you would sit on top the clitoris for stimulation.

    16. The Zumio X to instantly step up your finger play since it's designed to provide the rubbing sensation for the clitoris but, like, way better. It has eight different speeds (byeeee finger cramps!) and if you apply more pressure, it'll provide even deeper stimulations.

    A toy shaped like a joystick at one end (meant for your hand to hold) and on the other end is a rounded point that's will give the rubbing sensation for the clit.

    17. Hemp Bliss Intimate Oil made with sun-grown cannabis that's meant to lubricate your sex toys so they're nice, slick, and ready to go whenever you are.

    The intimate oil bottle which is shaped like a short lotion bottle. It's standing next to its box.

    18. A Satisfyer Pro 2 to send good vibrations and pressure waves through your entire body. The thing has 110 pressure wave and vibration combinations and do you even need more details after that?! OK: It's also a hands-free toy in case you want to set it against your clitoris, put your hands behind your head, and go to paradise or wherever you go when you're getting your O.

    19. A vibrating butt plug to help you finally pull the plug on boring booty play. It's a hands-free toy, easy to clean, and a decent selection for beginners.

    20. Before & After Toy Cleanser so you can, ya' know, clean your toy before and after playtime. It's fragrance- and stain-free, sanitizing, sex-toy safe.

    21. A Strap U Evoke Strapless Strap On that'll get you and a partner ~there~ in ways that may look way more complicated than they'll actually be. This "strap on" will be held in place by an insertable. It'll vibrate and stimulate YOUR g-spot while you penetrate your partner. It also comes with a bullet so yeah, double penetration fans, you may wanna clear your whole weekend for this thing.

    An L-shaped strap on with the bottom of the "L" part curving up just a bit more to fit inside of a vagina.

    Want more?! Peep the rest of the massive selection on Bellesa Boutique! And peek those sale deets again:

    From Thursday, December 19 until Wednesday, January 1, Bellesa's auto-applying 20% off of all your orders, 25% off of orders between $79 and148, and 30% off of orders $149 and up when you enter the code "CHRISTMAS" at checkout.

    And don't forget about the free gifts with purchase!

    From now until January first, you'll get a Free Satisfyer Pro 2 with orders that are $79 and up ($49 value) with the "PRO2" code, a Free Satisfyer Pro 3 with orders $109 and up ($69 value) using the "PRO3" discount code, and a Free Satisfyer Luxury with orders $159 and up ($129 value) with the "LUXURY" code.

    This is you hyping yourself up after racking up on toys and other cool sex-positive stuff in this sale.

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