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    • MarnyCA

      However you get it, Zimmerman followed Trayvon. Had he listened to what the police told him, perhaps Trayvon would still be alive. Taxpayers would not have had to pay for yet another trial … and a mother and father would have their son. Something isn’t right — how did Zimmerman get his gun out if Trayvon was straddling him? Oh, maybe Zimmerman already had his gun drawn since he feared for his life as he followed Trayvon! So, I’m to believe that Trayvon didn’t see the gun, Zimmerman didn’t say ‘stop or I’ll shoot’ - and Trayvon walked or ran into Zimmerman, knocked him and his gun down. Ok, I’m trying to picture the scenarios. Perhaps Trayvon wasn’t given the opportunity to say ‘My father lives here and I’m going home to him.’ 

    • MarnyCA

      It was one of the Queens whose dollhouse had a working Hoover vacuum. My brother did indoor plumbing for someone’s dollhouse … nope, not mine. Mine is dead in a box in the garage. The movers packed it and ripped out the kitchen chandelier, never to be seen again, and that sucker cost me $48 back in 1980’s. The talent and creativity of a miniaturist is mind-boggling! Hip Hip Hoorah for them!!! TY for sharing. I appreciate what you do.

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