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    • MarkSR

      Mckay,  Sorry for some of the nastier comments posted.
      Iwould ask you though, how do you asaMormon view the many lies Romney told during the campaign? On the one hand, it would seem that Romney abides by church doctrine in not drinking coffee etc., but on the other is there no real doctrine as far as being honest?Iam agnostic, know several Mormons personally and have always been impressed by their integrity and honesty,Ialways perceived that as part and parcel of their religion.  With all due respectIthink you really missed the boat with this article. Rather than Americans getting used to Mormonism,Ithink Mitt Romney’s campaign, his faith, made it much harder for non-Mormon Americans to really know what Mormonism is all about and what it really stands for. All campaigns and candidates twist the truth at times, butIhave never seenacandidate lie and change positions as often asIdid Mitt Romney. My takeaway was that he didn’t do Mormonism any good.

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