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    20 of the Most Creative Business Cards

    These 20 Creative Business Cards Are Sure To Impress!

    20 of the Most Creative Business Cards

    A creative business card can mean the difference between a second look and a toss in the trash. If you've seen American Psycho, you know the business card scene. A conference table full of ego-drive, insecure vice presidents try to one-up the others with their amazing business cards. But we, the audience, know that they all look the same, and that they're all incredibly mundane.

    A creative business card, however, needs no explanation. Check out these 20 super creative business cards.

    1. The Hairdresser


    This card requires some DIY to get the full effect, but it easily transforms into a silly face with notable hair. If that doesn’t make you think about getting your hair done, what will?

    2. The Photographer

    Awesome Inventions / Via

    Clever because it’s a viewfinder, cool because it’s transparent, creative because you’ve never seen another card like it.

    3. The Landscaper

    Purely Digital / Via

    This business card is actually a small envelope of grass seeds. You get started on your lawn, then call them.

    4. The Survival Trainers

    Ideas Big / Via

    If you’re heading out in the wilderness to reconnect with nature, you’ll need to bring energy dense provisions — like this business card, which is actually made of beef jerky.

    5. The Personal Trainer

    Toxel / Via

    If stretching out this business card to read its information has you feeling a bit fatigued, perhaps you should give this personal trainer a call.

    6. The Divorce Lawyer


    Half for you, half for me. It might be wishful thinking, but it makes for a great business card concept!

    7. The Furniture Shop

    Bentply / Via

    Made of ultra-thin plywood, this furniture shop card easily transforms into a fun chair with a cool design.

    8. The Video Production Company

    RALEV / Via

    Nothing says, “Lights, camera, action” like a film clapper. A single cut plus one fastener creates both the shape and reveals the company name.

    9. The Pilates Studio

    Mais Pilates Studio / Via

    What does your body look like when you do pilates? This awesome business card for a pilates studio answers that question for you.

    10. The Software Engineer


    While HTML tags don’t exactly scream “advanced software engineering,” they create an understandable and effective aesthetic that’s both creative and functional.

    11. The Yoga Studio (Part 1)


    The object most associated with yoga is probably the yoga mat. This business card is made of the same material and rolls up in the same way. (A rolled up piece of foam may not fit in your wallet or Rolodex, but it definitely looks cool.)

    12. The Yoga Studio (Part 2)


    Think yoga makes you feel like a pretzel? Use your fingers in the strategically placed holes on this business card to create your own pretzel look.

    13. The Head Shop

    head2headshop / Via

    The top of this one tears off to make five cigarette filters. Talk about knowing your clientele!

    14. The Artist (Part 1)

    Egil Paulsen / Via

    This clever business card easily becomes a miniature replica of a painting on an easel. It’s a fun way for an artist to show off a favorite piece and have potential clients display it for others to see.

    15. The Artist (Part 2)

    Elena Mirosedina / Via

    The palette shape of this card fits the profession it’s advertising, and the thumb hole lends itself to all sorts of inviting display options in a shop or studio.

    16. The Security Advisor

    Kevin Mitnick / Via

    You know you’re in the presence of a confident security advisor when his business card contains a series of lock picks. If you can get one of them to work on your home or office door, perhaps you should call the number on the card!

    17. The Skateboard Company

    Powell Peralta / Via

    These tiny business cards shaped like skateboards are great, down to the last detail. Check out that textured top!

    18. The Cheese Shop

    Bon Vivant / Via

    Finally, a business card that performs a function other than providing contact information! This grater is the perfect tool to use on all the cheese you’ll buy from this business savvy cheesemonger.

    19. The Optometrist

    Karen Tong / Via

    So much more interesting than clip art of glasses, don’t you think? Plus, the forced line breaks in the middle of words force you to pay close attention to the information this card contains.

    20. The Financial Advisor

    Franco Caligiuri / Via

    Buy low and sell high! You really get the message from this financial advisor’s dual-sided die cut card.

    Bottom line? Get noticed and stand out from the pack with a memorable, fun, and creative business card.

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