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16 Calming Websites That Will Put You At Ease

The internet can be a very good place.

Anjali Patel • 3 years ago

10 Phrases You Have Said Wrong Your Entire Life [QUIZ] By Mark Jenney

When it comes to english it's a "dog-eat-dog world" or is it a “doggy-dog world?”

markjenney • 3 years ago

10 Famous CEOs Who Came From Nothing

They started from the bottom now they're here.

markjenney • 3 years ago

8 Tips to Optimize Your LinkedIn Profile Like a Boss by Mark Jenney

How to Get the Absolute Most Out of Your Linkedin Profile!

markjenney • 3 years ago

20 of the Most Creative Business Cards

These 20 Creative Business Cards Are Sure To Impress!

markjenney • 3 years ago

The Next Big Airbnb Battle Just Started

As an anti–home sharing measure heads to the San Francisco ballot, a new, Airbnb-backed counter-group has already sprung up to fight it. San Franciscans, get ready for a hot summer.

Caroline O'Donovan • 4 years ago

Uber Downloads Rising In India

New data from mobile intelligence firm Quettra shows a significant month-over-month increase in Uber app downloads in India.

Johana Bhuiyan • 4 years ago

Can A Ten-Year Tech Veteran Hack It In The On-Demand Economy?

WyzAnt, a Chicago-based digital marketplace for tutors, is looking for some of that San Francisco tech bubble magic. But can the veteran platform embrace tech 2.0 while adhering to the law?

Caroline O'Donovan • 4 years ago

"There's A Lot Of Blood In The Water": What's Next For The On-Demand Economy

The oversaturated "Uber for x" economy can probably stand to lose a startup here or there. But with increasingly severe legal problems, dubious profit models — and now, the death of Homejoy — some think that it might be time for the market to consolidate.

Caroline O'Donovan • 3 years ago

Spotify Bets Algorithms Are Better Than Humans At Music Discovery

The streaming service will create weekly, personalized playlists based on people's individual listening patterns.

Brendan Klinkenberg • 3 years ago

Google Is Third-Largest Corporate Lobbyist, Spent Nearly $5 Million In Second Quarter

Amazon doubles its lobbying amount from last year, and Google, once again, outpaces other tech companies in 2015’s second-quarter federal lobbying disclosures.

Hamza Shaban • 3 years ago

How I Learned To Stop Worrying And Love A Yacht-Sharing Startup

Two hours on the high seas with the "Airbnb for boats."

Johana Bhuiyan • 3 years ago

How Olive Garden Is Boosting Sales

Olive Garden is kicking the habit of luring customers by offering big discounts. But don't worry, never-ending pasta isn't going anywhere.

Venessa Wong • 4 years ago

In-Flight Wi-Fi Will Soon Get Much Faster, Gogo Tells Wall Street

In a presentation to investors, the company said onboard Wi-Fi will hit broadband speeds within five years, and be available on many more flights.

Mariah Summers • 4 years ago

Investors See Big Opportunity In Salad Restaurant Chain Sweetgreen

The quest for the Chipotle of salad continues.

Venessa Wong • 4 years ago

Steph Curry Is Developing A Social Media App

The basketball star is developing an app to help celebrities have more "authentic" and "personal" interactions with their fans. And that's just the beginning of his plans for Silicon Valley.

William Alden • 4 years ago

Here's What We Learned From Netflix's Second-Quarter Earnings

Most importantly, Netflix CEO Reed Hastings can rock a "BoJack Horseman" sweater with the best of them.

William Alden • 4 years ago

People Transferred $1.6 Billion Over Venmo In The Last Three Months

The mobile money transfer service grew by almost 250% in the last quarter, and has become central to PayPal's efforts to reach younger users.

Tom Gara • 4 years ago

PayPal Surpasses Former Parent eBay In First Day Of Trading

At $49 billion, the California-based payments company has a richer valuation than its former parent, eBay.

Matthew Zeitlin • 3 years ago

16 Women Entrepreneurs Who Are Changing The Way Business Is Done In The Arab World

Arab Women Rising, published in 2014 by the Wharton Business School, profiles female entrepreneurs from around the Middle East and North Africa.

Miriam Berger • 4 years ago

Women Rule The Tech Scene At D.C. Startup Competition

The gender imbalance in tech financing was center stage as 12 female entrepreneurs competed for a $50,000 grand prize.

Hamza Shaban • 4 years ago