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    The Greatest Photo In Australian Hangover History

    There's just so much going on here.

    Fresh from winning the World Cup, Australia's cricket team appeared before fans in Melbourne on Monday. If this photo is any indication, they may have been a little hungover.

    The team members have come under fire for their drinking over the last 24 hours.

    It started with legendary cricketer Shane Warne conducting a series of bizarre post-match interviews asking players whether they were "thirsty".

    Then came the drinks and social media pictures. A group of players (left) even decided to call a Hobart radio station and give an absolutley bizarre interview.

    Twitter Australia

    So when it came to facing the fans hours later, it's little wonder Dave Warner and Glenn Maxwell looked like this.

    And Australia's bowlers and leadership group looked like this...

    Chief among the destroyed souls was coach Darren Lehmann. It was one of the great photos of a mass hangover.