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31 Reasons Peter Is The Superior Stefanovic Brother

Vote 4 Pedro.

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1. Peter Stefanovic is an Australian foreign correspondent with Channel 9 who is currently reporting from Gaza.

2. And this is his brother Karl, the host of Channel 9's Today Show.

Channel 9 Today show / Via

3. While Karl gets all the love, Peter is the superior brother. Like, he's a serious journalist who reports from dangerous places like Ukraine.

4. As Karl is playing video games on national television.

Channel 9 Today Show / Via

5. Look how boss Peter looks in body armour!

6. And he has an amazing blue steel "I'm in a damn war zone" look.

7. This is what happens when Karl reports from the field.

8. Peter knows when it's getting too hot in the kitchen and bails.

9. That's right.... under-FREAKING-fire he's still trying to get the best shots for the audience.

Channel 9 / Via

10. Karl gets arrested when he tries his hand at reporting.

Just got arrested for crimes against journalism.

Karl Stefanovic@karlstefanovic

Just got arrested for crimes against journalism.

5:44 PM - 02 Aug 12ReplyRetweetFavorite

11. When Peter's not a globetrotting journalist he's a fashion icon. Look at that linen.

12. And that tuxedo... man, total freaking babe.

Channel 9 Today Show

13. And for some reason he can rock out a flat cap. How does he even make that cool?

14. All the while Karl is well, marching to another beat.

The short shorts are out again @karlstefanovic #today9 #SeaWorld

The Today Show@TheTodayShow

The short shorts are out again @karlstefanovic #today9 #SeaWorld

6:59 AM - 25 Oct 13ReplyRetweetFavorite

15. Peter knows how to be respectful of history and culture.

16. While Karl... well...

Channel 9 Today

17. Because Peter is a respected journalist who knows how to handle tough situations and bad-ass mofos.

18. Like look at this scary journalist and how cool he is handling it.

19. While Karl's toughest assignment was keeping it together for Grumpy Cat.

20. Peter was once an answer in Who Wants To Be A Millionaire.

21. And knows when it's time for business.

23. While Karl's only mode is "party all the time".

24. To be fair, both the Stefanovics love to get on the sauce.

25. But while Peter turns to a pie when he needs a hangover cure.

26. Karl lost his mind eating the "world's hottest pie".

Channel 9 Today Show

27. Peter keeps cool under pressure and gets the job done.

28. And his current girlfriend is the beautiful Sylvia Jeffreys who is also a Channel 9 journalist.

29. Who wouldn't date this guy, who is clearly always having an epic time.

30. Here's to the Stefanovic brothers! Australian heroes. But we all know there'll be always one superior Stefanovic...

Scott Barbour / Getty Images

31. (We still love you Karl. It's just your bro is a total legend)

“@thetodayshow: Blokes don’t have a clue about pregnancy… that's why we did this.. More tomorrow morn! #today9 ”

Karl Stefanovic@karlstefanovic

“@thetodayshow: Blokes don’t have a clue about pregnancy… that's why we did this.. More tomorrow morn! #today9 ”

7:28 PM - 16 Jan 14ReplyRetweetFavorite